Sophie Gregoire Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Earlier today the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, put himself in self quarantine because his wife Sophie Gregoire was feeling ill. It has now been confirmed that Sophie has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus that the World Health Organisation recently declared to be a global pandemic.

Everything is fine in the United States because after spending time merely a few days ago with Fabio Wajngarten, a top communications aide to President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil who was diagnosed with the virus today, both Trump and Pence feel they don’t need to be tested. Trump, after all, is more healthy than the current Surgeon General, so there is no need for him to pretend to have any concern at all about the fact that Virginia declared a state of emergency and intends to create their own test kits due to lack of government funding, or that all of California and New York (including Broadway) have completely shut down the gathering of more than 250 people.

It’s a Democrat hoax that turned into something the Democrats aren’t doing enough about to Stephen Miller’s Trump speech last night about how it’s a pigmented person foreign issue.

I’ll give Trump one thing…credit for taking safety precautions with his Europe travel ban which, coincidentally, failed to include England and Ireland where the virus is currently going out of control and is where he owns resorts that make that dollar bill YO!

I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau, but as a “world leader,” at least he isn’t actively working against us (by “us” clearly I don’t mean the aboriginal community) the way Trump is actively working against you.

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  1. 250 people?…that many?
    here in the netherlands its anything over 100 that got cancelled
    i thought we were failing to take precautions over here….(some orange twatwaffle told me)
    even me works 70s themed party got cancelled….(im just heartbroken…no really…)

  2. It’s kind of bullshit if the universe robs of Trump coming down with Coronavirus. He’s been in contact with at least a few people who have been exposed in multiple settings.

    This whole thing is so surreal. We don’t know when this will end. I’m not a scientist and there are a lot of unknowns about the virus but every other report is like, “Wow! Looks like coronavirus replaces your own aura and infects everything you love! Surprise it lives on surfaces for days!”

    • “Because that’ll be great for the economy and really help the people who already have the plague over here.”

      Trying to say, closing the borders would be stupid and pointless.

  3. Brief scenes from a supermarket… last night

    I was low on fresh veg and fruits so I went to the local supermarket to get some as well as stock up on some canned goods. Thurs night is usually quiet. It wasn’t.

    The TP panic was in full force, not a roll to be seen except for a single pathetic package of no name single ply. Not much Chef Boyarde, KD (or Mac and cheese for you US Amercian types) Spam or raman noodles left either. They do go together as eating any of them will make you want to shit.

    I was glad there was no run on oranges as I got what I needed plus a little extra just in case.

    Anyway, it took me about 1 1/2hr or so to check out instead of the usual 1/2 hr. Fortunately everyone was polite even me (for once.) No fist fights over the last roll.

    • I stopped at a New England regional Costco type place to buy cat litter last night. It occurred to me I was running low so I figured I better stock up. The cat litter is in the same aisle as the toilet paper and paper towels. So one side was full of product, the other side was entirely empty. It was weird.

      The place was a madhouse. Took me a while to get out with my three purchases too but at least my cats are covered! My wife and I stocked up on everything else about three weeks ago. People were, for the most part, relatively polite though a family of people cut off the guy in front of me at one point.

    • “Brief scenes from a supermarket… last night”

      Can confirm this, from the wilds of MN, too!

      My second job (Job 1 is as a paraprofessional in an Early Childhood Special ed program), is being part of the Grocery crew in a chain grocery store.


      And plenty of *other* people are trying to profiteer OFF those fears🤬🤬🤬🤬

      When my fellow grocery team members who are on the overnight crew (I work evenings, usually) left the store Thursday–at around 4 am, we were FULL of Toilet paper in our racking. The shelf sku’s were *full* out–from the wall to the front of the industrial racking (at least 8 feet deep!), AND we had plenty of TP up *in* the racking on multiple pallets.

      By 3:30, when I pulled into the parking lot, the lot was as full (on a THURSDAY!) as it was on Dec. 23/24, the thred days before Thanksgiving, etc.

      It was a fucking ZOO.

      And those of us in grocery who know how to ring customers were being paged to help ring at least once an hour.

      The TP?

      GONE by 6:30 pm.


      Even the shitty, single-ply, scratchy-as-HELL stuff; even the $.99, rolled-so-loosely you’ll burn through a roll+ in one day, “generic” 4-packs; and 4 whole floor-pallets of the stuff we have on sale in the ad, which were just put out yesterday!


      And when my fellow crew members put out the stuff that arrived at 5 pm on yesterday’s shipment?

      THAT was gone by 7:30 pm.

      Our canned soups were gutted. Cheese-its, microwave popcorn, and some of the other crackers & cookies were decimated, and our mac & cheese shelf was hit hard, too.

      People are DEFINITELY panic buying.

      Carts were holiday-season full.

      EVERYONE seemed to have lysol wipes (we had them on sale in the ad) and many had bleach in their carts.

      And the profiteers were out in full force, too. One instacart shopper (we get to know the folks who do the home deliveries who have insta gigs) showed me an order she turned down, where *someone* was trying to buy an excessive amount of bottled water and large bottles of hand sanitizer (think multiple *tens* of each).
      It would’ve been more than a pallet of bottled water, and our store doesn’t even ORDER our hand sanitizer in the quantity the person tried to buy it in. We get one, maaaaybe *two* cases in at a time… the person was asking for 5-8 *cases* worth.

      Basically, it was OBVIOUS that this was an asshole who was looking to prey on other people’s fears, and who was planning to sell it all online at a tremendous markup.

      And *then* there were the customers like one late-night dude who casually & offhandedly mentioned, “The next thing folks are gonna be stocking up on is ammo, because when you have ammo you can get ANYTHING you want…”

      Dude was CASUALLY talking about MURDERING PEOPLE for fucking FOOD AND TP!!!

      People are fucking ASSHOLES about shit right now.

      And after gun-dude’s comment (he was talking to someone else, right near me, as I was putting out product), I was honestly scared, guys.

      It was said in just such a matter-of-fact way, and almost…. I dunno, it was almost like this guy was a bit gleeful. Like the dudes who want to enlist in the military so they can shoot at/kill people, or the folks who go into Law Enforcement for the power over other people? It was like *that*.

      And THAT (combined with the absolute lack of leadership out of Washington) is Motherfucking TERRIFYING, because it was one of those moments when you *understand,* intimately, how mobs form and how Nazi Germany & Mussolini’s Italy became *things* and managed to rally so many people to *their* sides😱😱😱

  4. We are in panic mode here. Schools are closed state wide, universities going online, and no toilet paper in the stores. Not a square to spare. I suppose I should get some canned foods in case we get sick and can’t cook. And I need more protein powder. As long as I have that and coffee it’s not much different from everyday life.

  5. I think the total number of infected people he has been in contact with is at 14 now. His actions during all this have been irresponsible at best and probably criminal (what’s new).

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