Special edition: GOP actions taken against the coronavirus, ranked

"Here you see a disease holding a photograph of a virus..."

1. Ignore the problem

2. Blame immigrants

3. Tax cuts for the rich

4. Blame foreigners 

5. Tough talk, just like Ronny Reagan did

6. Minimize the problem

7. Cuts to social services

8. Corporate welfare

9. Blame the Democrats

From Hillary Clinton to Robert Mueller to Michelle Obama to Lisa Page to Pepe Silvia to Anderson Cooper to Hunter Biden to Ilhan Omar — it’s so obvious!

10. tHiS mUsT bE a CoNsPiRaCY

11. Tax cuts for the upper middle class

12. Get hit by a bus

13. Sheepishly turn to socialism

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  1. The fuckwits are making the dem plan for relief a no go because president poopy pants doesn’t get a payroll tax cut FFS. Why is this a sticking point?!!! The fucking market is in a free fall and people are loosing their paychecks due to snowballing layoffs. People are staying home without pay due to cut hours and lack of child care from district wide closures. A payroll tax cut is stupid as fuck!

    • “A payroll tax cut is stupid as fuck!”
      Not if your goal isn’t really to help Americans but to weaken the Social Security system. Which has been a GOP wet dream for decades.

      • I’ve seen people saying that this whole thing is really playing into the GOP’s hands and I have to say, I am finding myself in agreement. If they actually do cut payroll taxes I’m sure that entitlements will be hit hard after the emergency is over.

      • …I’m not ruling the possibility it’s a simpler calculation based on Dolt45 worrying he’s going to add to his bankrupt-businesses tally unless he helps himself to some “relief”?

        …though it does, as you say, play to type for the GOP

        • I’m of the opinion Adolf Von Dipshit wants it because he thinks greasing palms with a little scratch buys him votes. Which is true with his base, but rebating taxes on non-existing paychecks isn’t going to get him the vote payout he thinks.

          I can go with the establishment backing it to gut the safety net, but again wonder how much money that’s really taking away when the problem is less paychecks to pad with a rebate.

        • …it’s a hell of a thing when it’s beyond obvious that if the mechanisms of government were functioning smoothly the guy nominally in charge would be behind bars

          …McConnell & the Senate certainly have a lot to answer for…several hundred bills & I-lost-count how many questionable picks for judges, for starters

          …but the Dolt45 trademark has consistently been to throw all the spanners available into any & all machinery of the state & then fashion more spanners out of empty diet coke cans & just keep going in hopes the whole thing will seize up before the beartrap of oversight causes him to have to gnaw off another financial limb or two…which he can ill afford…particularly if anyone thinks to “follow the money”

          …truly the running start a nation needs to mitigate the impact of viral pandemic

  2. People, it is so obvious that the Corona virus came from Mexico. It was started at a brewery in Mexico & we must build a wall to prevent it from getting in. Suspend ALL travel from Mexico now!

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