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The NY Times had a nice article (paywall) about Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford of the SF Giants. The article ends with a discussion about their game strategy. Of course the phrase Unwritten Rules comes up. I’m more of a box score guy. I don’t have the time to sit and watch the games so on field strategy doesn’t interest me much. I do catch some highlights here and there though.

The NFL draft started last night. I wonder who will be The Browns this year.

The high point of The Leafs season. Playoff hockey is just around the corner. As of right now (Thursday 9:39 pm est) it looks like The Leafs will be playing The Lightning. That should be a hell of a matchup. They split 2-2 on the season. The Rangers and Penguins also seem like a good first round match up. I looked over the west matchups and they seem blah. For the record, screw The Avalanche.

Philly made sure this wasn’t going to happen again. My condolences to @Luigi Vuoto on his Bulls.



  1. no F1 for me this weekend 🙁

    i’ll have to be productive and do chores and stuff

    but hey next weekend they’ll be in miami..on a brand new track the locals arent particularly happy about….that should be fun 🙂

    assuming they have a race director by then the 2 they normally use both currently have covid

  2. The Vikings managed to bungle the draft….again ….

    Giants may have done good for themselves in the draft…

    White Sox are still white soxing







  3. The unwritten rules are, unsurprisingly, mostly made up modern fairy tales. You can find film of guys in the old days flipping their bats, celebrating on the basepaths, standing and watching home runs….

    Mickey Mantle openly talked about padding his stats when he was chasing the Triple Crown and he bunted for singles when the Yankees had big leads late in the game just so he could bump up his batting average by a smidge.

    Teams that throw at batters in retaliation for someone stealing a base in the ninth should be forced to learn some history and then required to wear woolen uniforms in the 95 degree heat.

    • No one likes to give up a home run, but a lot of the unwritten rules are all about being a sore ass.

      I still think the craziest inning I ever witnessed was the 2015 ALDS Game 5 7th inning between the Rangers and Jays. Do I blame the Rangers for being upset that they blew a 2-0 series lead? No. Do I blame the Rangers for being upset at giving up the key 3 run homer from Jose “Joey Bats” Bautista?  No. But based on the emotion surrounding that moment do you blame the Jays for celebrating the way they did?  No.

      But they decided to retaliate in May (the Odor KO of Bautista) only to get their asses beat again by the Jays in Oct when it counted.

      Admittedly, I’m probably the type who would retaliate against someone who tried to hurt my teammates (and who once had to be stopped by his hockey coach (who was a good man) when I mentioned I was going to-I was sometimes a hotheaded yout’) but that’s as far as I would go. Because some opponent did something minor you didn’t like… well that’s fucking dumb.

      Do I sound a bit like Carey Elwes’ character from Seinfeld? Yes.

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