…spot you? [DOT 9/1/20]

…so that’s all over then – I’m sure you’re all very relieved

…but there do seem to be a few folks about who still practice the doctrine of “trust but verify”

Pelosi Announces Vote to Limit Trump’s War-Making Power Against Iran

…as opposed to the lamentable amount of “trust me, it’s verified” talk issuing out of some other fundaments

Boris Johnson pops back in for a token nod to democracy

[if you don’t know about John Crace, you’re missing out by the way…]

…not to worry, though – it’s all taking place on a level playing field built on the finest of economic foundations, after all

…I mean, it’s not as though all these fine (& in some cases conspicuously wealthy) economists & legislators & diplomats have been playing fast & loose with a sort of private-as-in-privateer approach to private enterprise for long enough that the proverbial house of cards could actually wobble

…that’s crazy talk

…look at all that cash the sweaty dude whose desk is more resolute than he is seems to be stuffing that debt shaped hole in his pockets with

…he’s a genius, don’t you know – & all about the stable…

World Bank warns of global debt crisis amid borrowing build-up



  1. I don’t believe for one second we are about to experience de-escalation. Maybe a moment where everyone holds their breath. But there’s too much on the table. We are being pressured to leave Iraq. We just put new sanctions on Iran. Iran is back in the pursuit of nukes. The situation can’t rest here.

    • Biff’s sole strategy for any situation is counter punching. As his base, aides, Kellyanne Conway, and his all but invisible press secretary proudly tell us. And now we’re supposed to believe he’s desperately-escalating?

        • …there appears to be some debate over whether or not the explosion responsible for the “shrapnel” among the debris came from within or without the aircraft & Iran won’t surrender the black box to Boeing because nobody involved trusts anyone else involved not to make shit up the moment backs are turned

          …meanwhile you have to believe that in this satellite-enabled military age that someone might have had eyes on that airspace?

          Meanwhile there’s a lot of huffing & puffing going on about how all parties are so totally on top of everything that no one need get bogged down in details…

          to the extent that at least one Republican claimed the briefing they were given was so entirely fucking awful that they changed their mind & will be voting for the Dem proposal of imposing limits to the witless white house’s war powers…which was nice?

          • I have to believe the leaders are feeling similarly to us – from all the countries. “WTF is going on, is that thing they said real, etc.” Like in your linked article from the DOT, bungled missteps and misunderstandings abound. Of course Iran won’t give us shit – they don’t feel like they owe us shit. That’s why you don’t go around poking fucking bears!

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