Spring Gardening [NOT 4/4/23]

Hi, friends!

It’s the time of year where I’m slowly prepping the veggie beds and clearing out the flower beds.

Friendly reminder to please know your local invasive species and to slaugher them with impunity. For most of North America, feel free to destroy Bradford/callery pears, japanese honeysuckle, kudzu vine, wintercreeper vine, treee of heaven, and many more! Just take out all that pent up rage and hack it down and kill it!

This post brought to you by my finding a new honeysuckle vine popping up in a flower bed that is over 50 feet from the next closest honeysuckle (on a neighbor’s property, so I can’t kill it).

Anyways, I hope you had a good day. Talk about whatever!



  1. Our most invasive plants are blackberries, horse tails, & English Ivy.  The first is annoying but at least you get yummy berries.  The second is a constant battle.  The Ivy will choke out giant 100ft+ trees that will then fall on your house!  Greenhouse is full of wives seed starts & my hot peppers waking from winter sleep.

  2. English ivy is the one I really hate. Our neighborhood newz had a bit from some self styled gardening expert who wrote about how she normally hates invasives, but she got into a screaming match with someone who cut the stems of big ivy vines off at the roots when they were climbing trees and choking the trees to death.

    She was mad because the flowers fed pollinators. Never mind that the berries that come from the flowers spread like crazy and smother better native plants which feed a much broader range of pollinators. She couldn’t possibly think of anything but her little narrow focus on those vines, nevermind the wreckage they leave behind.

  3. Also, we might get more thunderstorms tonight but so far today has just been muggy and windy.

    I get confused when this sort of day happens on a Tuesday because I need to put the trash cans out tonight but with the windgusts they might tip over. First world problems!!!!

  4. I have my first transient hummingbird of the season at my feeder right now!  Little Orange & white guy.  Seems kind of early but awesome!  I have two feeders just outside my window so when I am on the couch they are no more than 5ft away.  A little surprising I have seen him twice & my resident Anna’s have not chased him off.

  5. That honeysuckle is everywhere here. The only good thing about it is it makes good walking sticks. It’s lightweight but strong. And the parks are happy to let you cut it down.

  6. This is the best our garden has looked since we moved here, but I’m going to have to mow very soon.  If the weather holds for Thursday I’ll do it then.  I hope the little Cub Cadet starts.

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