Spring might have finally sprung? [NOT 10/4/22]

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Hi, friends!

Friday morning we had flurries because of course we did, but today it’s a perfect spring day.

My bluebells* are blooming along with the hyacinth and daffodils. Last summer I kept seeing flashes of yellow flying into the pine tree across the street, so I hung a finch feeder in January and have been waiting to see them. A few weeks ago I started seeing what I thought were juvie goldfinches or some males without their summer yellow feathers, so I’ve been waiting and sure enough, now I’m seeing cute lil yellow birbs along with the lil red house finches.

If you’re in an area with seasonality, is it spring yet where you live? Are you in “false spring” aka lure you into planting things only to have snow or freezing temps ruin your plans? Are you already in hot weather?

*Virginia bluebells are a spring ephemeral plant, which means they show up, bloom when basically nothing else is doing anything worthwhile, and then go dormant as your other plants come in. Anyways, if you have a plant nursery with a good native to your area plant selection, I highly recommend planting some spring ephemerals (in the fall) to brighten up your landscape. Also they have fun names like trout lilies, Dutchman’s breeches, bloodroot, etc.



  1. Snow-rain mix here today. That’s spring in the Intermountain Northwest. Lots of people complaining, but again, we NEED the water. Badly.

    Of course, I can be nonchalant about it: we leave for Hawaii on Thursday morning. But still…

  2. It is trying to be spring here, the plants are blooming, the rhododendrons are a half to fully blooming, tulips are in full glory, but we have had almost freezing temps, then sun, then hail!  Yesterday the wife & I got 6 yards of compost delivered (she asks for it every year for our anniversary!  How romantic, right?)  We spent all day in the above mentioned weather & spread about 3 yards in the front yard.  I carried it all in 5 gallon buckets to her all day while she spread it.  Our yard is awkward for using a wheel barrow so it was an exhausting day.  Luckily she was too exhausted to do much more today and we only did the backyard strawberry patch.  Tomorrow I am going to keep her away from the yard by taking her to the Skagit Tulip Festival if it doesn’t snow or rain too hard.  I’ll post pics if it is worthwhile.


    Now we are going across the street to the new neighbors to check out their new wine cellar.  He has around 3500 high end wines so I may NOT in fact make it to the tulips tomorrow!

  3. We had snow and hail yesterday but today was beautiful. Lots of rain in the forecast but I guess you have to expect that in the spring. The phlox is coming up in the landscaping and there are buds on the azaleas.

    • Ooh I love phlox!

      The first summer I was at my house I pulled what I thought were weeds. The second summer I was behind schedule due to work travel and I came home and was like well fuck me that’s phlox, not chickweed.

  4. Chilly in the Mid-Atlantic but sunny so I’ll take it. I bought two hanging baskets and some dirt for planting some other flowers and refreshing my mint and thyme.

    I painted my mailbox a couple of weeks ago and am going to paint my front railings when I get a few warm sunny days in a row. Today I whacked the holly bush that was infringing on the railing. Progress!

  5. Supposed to be 16 degrees Canadian sometime this week but a lot of rain.

    Still wearing a hat because I’m bald and I like to keep my head warm as the mornings are quite chilly.

  6. The Viburnum I planted are beginning to leaf out, which is a good sign.

    I did a bit more reading on native Viburnums and found one variety often has blooms that smell like dog crap, but not this one, so it looks like I dodged a bullet.

  7. We are in full blown Spring here in the ATL – today was beautiful. Dogwoods  and cherry trees blossoming. We had lots of different kinds of bees and a clear wing moth buzzing in our yard which I refuse to mow until more things bloom out.

  8. Sure sign of Spring here on the farm.  Here’s a little preview of Wednesday’s DUAN, for which I don’t yet have a theme, but it will have some pictures of lamb babbies, that’s for certain.


  9. its spring here….which is to say…its currently 28f…and will be pushing 70f this afternoon

    my sinuses have malfunctioned and ive got a headache…

    so yeah…definitely spring here

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