Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Spring!!!

It’s been a pretty easy winter here, but like most folks, I am SO READY FOR SPRING! Like Mrs. Erg, I love few things more than getting outside and rooting around in the dirt (or in my case, heavy sticky clay. But whatever). The dogs are excited too, they are pretty tired of being inside most of the time. The nine pound dog weighed in at 11 pounds a couple of days ago causing the vet to blench in horror. I’m teaching him (the dog, not the vet) to dance in Celebration of spring and upcoming weight loss.

Of course my garden will be a Jungle by the end of the season so our dancing around will be a bit Funky as we trip over Stuff hidden in the underbrush.

And since we are dancing….

In the evening, of course, we slow dance.

Happy Spring, people (and dogs)!



  1. Today is “Girl’s Day” in Japan so here is a girl band from Japan!

    and since it is Two-fer Tuesday, here’s a rocking girl band from a little closer to home! Thunderpussy – Welcome to the Disco

    • I’m going to apologize in advance for this comment. Due to a program director at a radio station where I used to work, and his rather unfortunate sense of interior decorating, I can never think about the band Thunderpussy without thinking of the band Moist, because he took stickers for both bands and put them together on the wall of his office. Moist. Thunderpussy.

  2. Keitel looks at gardening as an enjoyable multi-month project. I look at it as a thing to get accomplished in the minimum number of weekends. That said, we have massive amounts of mulch due to be delivered at the end of the month and I am angsty about whether or not it is too early to plant the decorative pots. Ranunculus are calling my name. This song as nothing to do with spring but it is stuck in my mind. Love a song that starts with “I know you think I’m a psychopath”

    • I love this song & video is awesome, thanks for sharing. My wife is crazy gardner, so much my kids say they are “Gardening Orphans” since the longer the days, the longer she stays in the yard. By the longest days of summer we are having to drag her in for dinner or because it is dark! Here’s the song that makes me think of spring…

  3. When I was a kid these guys were huge!

      • Hmmm well he certainly cannot look that up on his phone 😘

      • Really? This is the running joke? In all honesty I just record it 4 times on my 4-track. Also it sounds great when I run it through my reverb.

        • He owns that exact reel to reel. My uncle gave him boxes of tape from the 1960’s for recording.

        • I remembered you having an 8-track and thought to ask you! the 8-track is a cassette cartridge, not a reel-to-reel like this?

  4. Gang of Four was in the studio recording a new EP when Andy Gill died — “Dying Rays” is the first single.

    • Nice tune, RIP Andy Gill.

  5. My dog picked up a few extra pounds this winter too. Last vet visit she weighed 77. So we’ve added an afternoon walk to our schedule.

    Ah spring, and the sweet sound of birdsong.
    Pere Ubu – Birdies

    This song isn’t really about gardening, it’s about peeing outdoors which is easier to do when the weather gets warmer so still on theme.

      • Yes! We had THREE sunny/cloudy 50+ days in a row in chi-town. no snow/ice/rain. I was hugging everyone I know today!

    • I’m glad someone posted the Biz.

  6. I don’t know why but this song always reminds me of spring. There is no valid reason for it, it just invokes that feeling for me.

  7. Spring is when a lot of animals return or emerge here.

  8. This is my Spring song. I go outside and do my Snoopy dance. Naked. Don’t judge me.

  9. Django – Swingtime in Springtime

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