SPROTS! [NOT 11/2/24]

image of cute owl with text "superb owl Sunday"

Hi, friends!

I hope your weekend has been good!

What’s a sporting event you wish was on tv more? Or one of your faves but isn’t shown much?

I love watching NCAA college women’s gymnastics. It’s way more interesting than the Olympic stuff. The athletes seem happier and actually look like they get enough food to be healthy.



  1. Volleyball is a good one. It’s incredibly easy to understand the basics, but there’s a ton going on all the time.

    I think it tends to suffer from the usual over-announcing problem of US broadcasts and the number of gratuitious changes from one camera to another. It would benefit from a less is more approach.

    Switching to owls, a couple of nights ago we had some kind of barred owl ruckus going on down the block with a bunch of hooting and squawks. I went to see if I could tell what was happening, but it was too dark for my puny human eyes.

  2. I love me some every kind of volleyball.  Grew up playing beach, then moved indoors, then coed indoors, then coached girls indoors.  Beach is still my favorite but I am finally at an age & injury level I think I may be done with that.  My favorite less shown sport is bodyboarding.  I used to want to be a pro & got pretty close just out of high school but now it is really fallen off the map.  In the day, a bunch of my friends were making a living at it & this was the best contest of that time.

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