Strange But True: Dribbling for Distance

In 1971 a fellow named Doug Melody, who played basketball for the University of Connecticut, scored a basket after dribbling a basketball for 65 miles.

Actually, Doug didn’t go running back and forth on a court. He didn’t even pound the pavement that far. There was no game in progress. The fact is that he started bouncing the basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts, while he was in the 2-foot aisle of a bus. The bus did all the traveling. After dribbling for one hour, fifteen minutes, and three seconds, he arrived at the campus in Storrs. Still dribbling, Doug went off the bus, into the fieldhouse, onto the basketball court (at last!), and stopped at the top of the key. Then he calmly swished the ball through the hoop.

From The Giant Book of More Strange But True Sports Stories by Howard Liss. Illustrations by Joe Mathieu.

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