Strange But True: Fish Story

One day in 1934, six men went trolling for tuna in the waters off Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Suddenly one of the fishermen felt a hard tug at his line, and then the rod was almost torn from his hand. The battle was on!

Ordinarily, a fish bites at the bait, and may be hooked by the mouth, or even may swallow the bait and hook. Then it is a matter of fighting the fish and nosing it to the boat. But this monster was foul-hooked, meaning that the hook had become accidentally embedded in its body. It is very difficult to bring a fish in broadside, and in the case of a large fish, it is all but impossible.

The six men took turns at the rod. They fought the fish all day, all night, into the next day, into the next night. It took 62 hours before they were able to land that huge fish. It weighed 792 pounds!

From The Giant Book of Strange But True Sports Stories by Howard Liss. Illustrations by Joe Mathieu.

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