Strange But True: Garbage Galore

The Indianapolis 500 auto race, held every Memorial Day weekend, is one of America’s greatest sports spectacles. About 300,000 racing fans come to the track. Some sit in the stands. About 75,000 vehicles of all sorts drive onto the infield, and pretty soon the entire area resembles a huge cookout. Outdoor grills are unloaded from campers, vans, and station wagons and the smell of barbecue sauce is everywhere. Then it’s over and everybody goes away.

What’s left behind is about 6.6 million pounds of litter and trash. The race takes approximately three hours, but it requires 10 days to clean up the mess.

From The Giant Book of More Strange But True Sports Stories by Howard Liss. Illustrations by Joe Mathieu.

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  1. hey butcher, I have a couple questions on your enchiladas

    1. about the green chiles. I haven’t gone to the store that has the 505 jar of green chiles yet. I go there but not not much. do you see anything good here? plenty of targets near me.

    2. about the tacos. you may not like this but I prefer flour tacos over corn tacos. can I use flour tacos? or by cooking the corn tacos in olive oil you soften them up?

  2. Ok, so in terms of the list on Target pretty much nothing there would work properly.  The canned chiles are flavorless and the canned sauce is…flavorless.  Regarding the tacos, I’m guessing you mean tortillas.  If you make this with a flour tortilla, then don’t cook it in oil.  Just wrap it up and you’ll have a burrito.  If you use corn tortillas (NOT taco shells), they will already be soft.  That’s why it’s important not to cook them in the oil too long because it will harden them and you’ll be eating tostadas.  Have fun!

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