…stranger things [DOT 24/7/20]

are dreamt of...

…imagine if you were running for president & you knew a guy who used to be president…like actually “be president” not just get called Mr President whenever it can’t be avoided…sure would be neat if you could get together & have a chat about some stuff…hell, it’d be strange if you didn’t


…so, anyway…this might sound a little strange…but if you happened to be minding your own business not being in prison for any of the shady shit you had a hand in that went down in the run up to a certain assclown being elevated to a position from which he continues to piss all over everybody’s parade…& then went back to prison very briefly before being released again…it would make perfect sense, see…because…well…that book you said you were aiming to write (like all the other books) that was going to say a bunch of stuff he’d rather you wouldn’t…yeah, that book…well, it turns out that arresting you once you’d said you were going to write it was an act of retaliation & it would be unseemly to allow that sort of thing to stand so we’ll go on ahead & release you* so you & roger can have a little ex-ex-con’s get together…nothing to see here…all totally above board


A judge agreed that federal officials had returned Michael D. Cohen to prison because he wanted to publish a book this fall about President Trump.


…I mean…it’s not that I had any particular faith that these people were going to spend a lot of time serving what most people in prison think of as time…but the number of legalistic moebius loops the arguments involved manage to contain is like…well, to be honest I haven’t read all of it because they’ve covered just yards of paper this point between just the Flynn, Manafort & stone cases…but the stuff I have read is like the worst possible way to employ the logic of an M C Escher painting to construct a comprehensively turgid facsimile of a legal argument…& somehow however sorry for themselves they make out they’re feeling…it feels a lot like they got a whole lot more sorry they could be feeling?


…although the sorry bit seems difficult for some


…& speaking of bruised feelings & unconvincing protestations

President Trump again sought to showcase his mental fitness on television by reciting, over and over again in an interview broadcast on Wednesday evening, what he said was a sample cognitive testing sequence.


…in the end, you might be tempted to think that repeating a sequence like a mantra that was supposed to be used as evidence of short-term memory in a test you took some substantial time ago is kind of a risk…if, say, the fact that that’s the kind of test someone felt the need to administer to you already says a bunch of stuff you’d like to think wouldn’t be applicable to the…you know…leader of the free world & all…or if possibly you wouldn’t be well served by the suggestion that holding that particular office be contingent on passing any kind of rigorous test…but I bet nobody else thought that any of the multiple times he’s been on & on about how impressive it is that he can trot those words out


…I don’t know where “cognitively there” is, exactly…but I bet the headlines are a lot more palatable?

White House, GOP kill payroll tax cut but flounder over broader coronavirus bill



The virus has heightened long-simmering friction in the largest Republican-led state in the country, with Gov. Greg Abbott under attack from within his own party.


Known cases surpassed four million in the United States


9-Day Waits for Test Results Threaten N.Y.C.’s Ability to Contain Virus


About 30 Million Workers Are Collecting Jobless Benefits

Why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is Suing the Trump Administration


…risk is kind of an odd thing for something we’re all so familiar with


…when you think about it (or perhaps overthink as the case may be) it’s familiar because it crops up all over the place but a lot of the time the actual risks themselves are pretty individual


…it’s tempting to think of them all as being the same so you can transplant an approach to one sort into a way to manage another

America Looks Hopelessly Broke. It Isn’t.
God Help Us if Judy Shelton Joins the Fed

…but sometimes the one thing is not like the other

The Dodd-Frank financial law succeeded at making banks safer, but empowered shadowy corners of finance that nearly wrecked the system in March.

…don’t remember any unidentified squads taking to the streets in unmarked vans full of camo-clad head-baggers back in march…which seems odd given the vandalism to the sacred health of the market surely tips the scale as the greater damage to the public good compared to this stuff?


Federal Agents Envelop Portland Protest, and City’s Mayor, in Tear Gas

Portland mayor tear-gassed by federal agents during demonstration

…generally speaking…you hit the mayor of somewhere with tear gas…you’re losing your job & very possibly going to jail


…guess it helps not to have a badge number sometimes?



Thousands gathered downtown to protest as the conflict with law enforcement intensified overnight.


…either way at the end of the day (or at least today…these days have been showing a fair degree of consistency about a lot of this stuff) I’m pretty sure it all raises more questions than it answers

How Powerful Is the President?


House Democrats Considered 10 Impeachment Articles Before Narrowing Their Case Against Trump

…maybe “the timing for the event” just wasn’t “right” (enough)?

Trump Says He’s Canceling G.O.P. Convention in Jacksonville



…some things aren’t as right enough, it’s true…although sometimes it sounds unlikely


…so…here’s a good question

Why Is Women’s Work Still Undervalued and Unacknowledged?

might even be as I have an opinion or two on the subject…but I gather cruel & unusual punishment is counter-productive so I’ll spare you that much at least…not that I claim to possess much in the way of answers…& speaking of things to which I most certainly do not possess the answer


…word to the wise…probably best to know where your towel is

No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

…so…I don’t know if “the” truth is out there…but there’s a bunch more “I dunno” to check out than there was last week if you’re partial to that sort of thing

don’t get me started…

…I guess maybe don’t believe everything you hear?

for extra credit…do a rhyming slang orange-based insult to everyone’s least favourite tangerine geriatric

[* – note to self: tell anyone who’ll listen that you’re “writing a book that will, like, totally embarass the president” because then if anyone decides to arrest you for anything it’ll be retaliatory & apparently then your sentance is commuted to being what I’m pretty sure my parents called “grounded”…which was a real threat…before the internet back in the stone age where there was one phoneline for the whole house…so, that’s a comfort I suppose?]



  1. I hope The Lincoln Project is contracting out those videos, because I’d hate to give ups to one of their employees, but that stuff is epic
    No Jacksonville, no surprise. Florida’s Trump-bootlicking governor, DeSantis, has a rapidly plummeting approval rating in the latest polls. Bringing in Trump ain’t gonna help there. Plus, 58% of Jacksonville residents don’t want him there. It’s almost like allying yourself with a narcissistic fuckwit is a bad idea. 
    Today’s Orlando Sentinel led with the headline “DeSantis: It’s getting better,” followed with the subhead: “Florida sees record 173 deaths, along with 10,249 new COVID-19 cases.” That was Thursday’s pandemic toll. Somebody at the paper has a sense of irony. 

  2. gubments lost the plot over here… experts are urging mandatory mask wearing.. gubments all like nuh uh…its not been proven to be effective
    if its not been proven to be effective…then why did you make masks mandatory on public transsport? huh mr gubment..answer me that..
    anyhoo…as the gubment says they wont be mandating masks soon…ima buy me some facemasks tomorow morning…. dont want to be caught with me pants down when the gubment wishywashys on to ermagerd! mandartery masks every where effective nao! by say…monday afternoon and suddenly the whole country tries to buy facemasks

  3. The nutty thing about his test fixation is that doctors don’t just look at the number of right answers to these tests, they look at how the person answers.
    If someone is in the ER after a fall and answers a question about the day of the week with an apologetic response that they’re honestly not sure if it is Friday night or Saturday morning because of how long they have been waiting, the docs will be a OK with that.
    Probably not if a guy blankly stares ahead and says in a monotone that for the next 32 minutes and 16 seconds it will be Friday, no make that 32 minutes and 14 seconds, no make that it will be Friday for the next 32 minutes and 11 seconds….

    • “How he answers” Is WAY too nuanced for Trump to comprehend. He has almost no executive brain function any more, if he ever had it. He reacts to stimulus, period. That’s why he can’t exercise any degree of self-control. If something affects him, he reacts to it. 
      That’s why he’s so captivated with his “performance.” Something happened, and he handled it successfully (never mind that the bar is set ridiculously low). He’s basically a toddler being potty-trained who drags a parent into the bathroom to see how he poo-pooed like a big boy. 

  4. “person, woman, man, camera, tv”
    that was so embarrassing. but as trevor noah said yesterday at the time of the interview trump just named things he saw in front of him. person (interviewer), woman (his press secretary), man (cameraman), tv (camera screen). otherwise he couldn’t remember even that…

    go to 1:55

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