Stress [NOT 8/2/22]

Hi, friends!

How is the week going so far? I am very very luckily have a close team of really good coworkers and we keep each other sane. Well, reasonably so. But also wow this day was a fucking day.

Topic of the night is what de-stresses you?

In the spirit of sharing is caring, this is the only guided meditation I’ve ever found helpful.



  1. Wow, I didn’t think I could enjoy meditation but you proved me wrong!  I destress the old fashioned way, drink until you can’t remember why you were mad.  Not healthy but effective.

  2. The usual self-care regiment of drinking, binging snacking on chips and sweets because life is all about balance, and ranting. Oh and rage moshing by myself at full volume. But I’m rarely alone anymore so that last one hasn’t been in rotation as much as I would like to rage and fuck some shit up every single day.

  3. I teach Tai Chi 4 days a week, and I do Tai Chi 7 days a week.  My favorite de-stresser is the simple Zhan Zhuang meditation.  Start with just 10 breaths.  Do it every single day.  Ten breaths just takes a few minutes and you’re going to be breathing those 10 breaths anyway, so might as well make them count.  No music.  No TV.  No computer or phone.  Just stand and breathe.  I promise you will be impressed with the benefits.  Let your thoughts come and go, but don’t grab onto them.  Just watch them pass.  Breathe from the abdomen (dan tien).  It will seem tedious, but that’s just your monkey mind rebelling against the stillness.  Eventually, he’ll calm down.




  4. Weed. After the weed, there’s usually a lot of stretching, because that’s a lot easier when I’m relaxed. Sometimes followed by chocolate. And then, when possible, sleep.

  5. How do I handle stress? Hahhahaahhaha

    Uncontrolled frustrated anger tears. Get stress headaches and light/sound sensitivity.

    Eat comfort food. Drink whiskey. Regret the hangover the next morning.

    Watch comfort movies or listen to my favorite music. Adult coloring books.

    I’ve been learning to meditate every morning for the last few weeks. I do think it makes a big difference in my ability to keep my shit together during the day.

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