Stuck in the Middle with You [DOT 10/11/21]

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are having a good week so far. I’ve got a lot going on over here but at the moment it seeeems like everything is mildly under control. That’s the best I can hope for.

Let’s see what else is going on, eh?

How is this OK? If we did this at any of our jobs, we’d be fired, immediately.

Don’t forget, this guy’s ENTIRE family hates him. If my family hated me as much as his does, I’d hang my head in shame and think about my life choices.

Gosar’s siblings want their brother kicked out of Congress. They think Democrats are moving too slow.

I think you guys know I live fairly close to DC. This evening my neighbor told me there was a White House Photographer with Mike Pence the whole time on January 6th. Can’t wait to see what happens when those pics get released.

Trump White House records can be turned over to House Jan. 6 investigative committee, judge rules


Nobel laureate and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai gets married


Aww, it’s like the beginning of Love Actually, but good.

Photos: Loved ones reunite as U.S. reopens to international travelers

I’m not crying you’re crying.

She brought tiny foster cats into her office at a retirement home. Residents found out — and kitten therapy began.

Happy Holidays!

One last good Tweet for the day… I love this kid.

Have a great day!



  1. Actually I loved “Love Actually” but that’s because I have horrible taste in movies am a hopeless romantic.

    Therapy animals in institutional settings are the best. The day before I was to be released from rehab I was all a-tingle. In less than 24 hours I would be reunited with my Better Half, who would be my live-in nurse, and my Faithful Hound.

    Then there came a rap-rap-rapping at my door. A woman stuck her head in and said she had a therapy dog with her and would I like to meet her. Would I! Apparently the physical rehab place had therapy animals for years but something happened (I’m sure there was a disease outbreak in one of the rooms but they felt no need to panic the civilians) and they had to suspend the program for a while but now it was back. Then another woman stuck her head in the door with another therapy dog so I had two dogs and two hoomans to keep me company for a while. The dogs came daily, 7 days a week, but I’d be gone before they came by tomorrow.

    I mentioned before that the food at the hospital and the rehab center was very tasty, much to my surprise. That night, for dinner, I was served the best meal yet, and I had been in for a total of five weeks. When I finished I looked around my room (I was alone for most of my 2-week stay, even though I was in a double) and thought, “I wonder if I could call my insurance company and say there’s been a terrible mistake and I would need at least another week…” but I didn’t.

    • For years I couldn’t figure out exactly why I didn’t like that movie as a whole, despite enjoying a lot of the parts.


      And then Lindy West articulated it perfectly.

      “Colin Firth falls in “love” with Aurelia at first sight, establishing Love Actually’s central moral lesson: The less a woman talks, the more lovable she is.

      None of the women in this movie fucking talk.”

      “Hugh Grant falls instantly in love with Natalie, which is understandable, because she hasn’t yet exceeded her Love Actually attractiveness word quota. (Twenty-seven. The quota is 27 words before you become Emma Thompson and must be destroyed.)”

      “Anyway, the flirtation is a problem because Alan Rickman is married to Emma Thompson, but don’t worry—she wears foundation garments and talks too much (see above) and therefore deserves to die alone with nothing but Joni Mitchell for comfort.

      Laura Linney, the only other female character with some semblance of an inner life, meets a similar fate.”

  2. Re: Paul Gosar How creative is it to photoshop his face, AOC’s and Biden’s onto an anime clip? My daughter and her friends were doing that stuff  in Middle School. And the team isn’t off the hook just yet.

  3. Normalising violence against congress members is so 1856…coincidentally.

    • Even the vast majority of Americans have no idea what you’re referring to. Are you sure you’re not…No, I guess by writing “normalising” you are not American.

        • Oh yes, I’m well aware, I wrote a whole paper on it in AP American History in high school. I thought I was one of the few people on earth who would ever reference this, let alone understand it.

          Is this common knowledge? In late 2018, before the plague hit, I had some friends over for dinner and something about Trump, something something, and I asked, “Who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate two years ago when she ran for President?” No one could remember.

  4. I saw an article about Gosar wanting to kill AOC.  The reaction by a lot of cons and fake concern troll libs is whataboutism… Kathy Griffin (mostly.)

    Kathy Griffin is/was inconsequential in terms of government.  She was just someone poorly expressing an opinion.  Did not implore others to act on her say so.  She was not in any position of real power… or a colleague.

    Gosar is different because he is a coworker and he does have some influence among really shitty people. It also showcases that he has a massive inferiority complex (small penis?) being afraid of an outspoken smart woman and who he wants to put in her place.

    I think Gosar should be thrown out of Congress (but the GOPers won’t because they’re chickenshit or agree with him (or both.))

    • It’s also very different because Griffin suffered some pretty severe repercussions over a dumb photo shoot.

    • [Neo Nazi politician threatens to kill a co-worker]

      Republicans: “I personally don’t care for it, and he’s probably kidding, but it’s his right to say it, under the First Amendment, and cancel culture is a major threat to free speech, and you have to consider what AOC did to him  … ”

      [Kathy Griffin holds up poorly made prop]

      Republican (weeping): “My g-g-god … won’t somebody arrest her?! AND WHAT ABOUT BARRON?!?!?!?!?”

      • The DC press corps got more upset about Michelle Wolf’s joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders than they do about the GOP’s overt plans, which include massive press crackdowns.

        They think they are protected because the GOP consultants assure them that the Gosars and Trumps would never go any farther than locking them in cages at rallies and siccing crowds on them, and surely the Trump judges won’t actually let ruinous defamation suits proceed.

        They’ve overwhelmingly bought into the idea that the Celebrate Diversity bumper sticker they saw in the Bethesda Whole Foods parking lot is a bigger threat to them than the people stalking school board members and their families.

      • As if Barron or his mother give two about Trump’s fate. When Mel is ready to make her move she will, but I would advise her to act fast. The divorce settlement should be ironclad and she should be the top creditor for assets, payable upon demand. Trump is worth far more alive. Imagine the reading of the will and the followup. “And to my heirs I leave–” [The Russians and the Germans break in]: “as of this date outstanding debts of US$487,554,127, of which…”

    • He also has access to them in a way Kathy Griffin did not.

  5. On the Pence photos, the photographer said he can’t release them because Pence doesn’t want them released but they will get out?

    and is this the greatest commercial ever?


    • Absolutely was not expecting one of the HGTV Property Brothers to appear in that. They seem so intentionally bland on TV.

    • …it’s almost as though he’s an exceptionally shitty judge…who could have predicted that?

  6. weeeeee!

    normally i’d say something isnt adding up with a vax rate of 84% double jabbed

    but i dunno…16% of 17 million people is still *counts fingers*….uhh… a fuck load of people

    and we cleverly designed our care system to be cost efficient (read..near capacity in normal times)

    welp…suspect well be locked down again by christmas….they’re allready talking about banning fireworks for new years again as the additional injuries could overwhelm the system…

    welp…only gonna get worse as the healthcare workers burn out from over work and over exposure to stupidity…from the people and the government

    • I’m so envious of your 84% rate.

      Only about 50% of the people in my state are vaccinated, because about half of Missourians are fucking stupid. We have 6.14 million residents. We’ve had 885k cases of covid with 13k deaths.

      • 18 some k deaths here by the official count…2.2 million cases and counting so far

        currently most new cases are kids….

        i am so sick of this shit…..

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