Summer Meals [NOT 12/6/21]

Hi, friends! We’ve got another scorcher happening today and tomorrow. It took me surprisingly long to figure out what meals I was going to prep this week. I’m not really used to being back at the office yet with regards to how do I eat, so *what can I make a week’s worth of* and *what will pack well* and *what will fit in my lunchbox* were questions that stumped me for a bit.

Also I got distracted and bought fresh green beans before thinking about what I was going to cook with them.

Anyways, I figured it out.

Variation of tomato, onion, and sweet pepper salad with vinaigrette for the base plus a protein plus some feta and I’m done for work lunches, plus bring cooked green beens for a snack with some hummus. I’ll pick up a rotisserie chicken tomorrow and use that for the protein probably. Or I’ll just drain a can of beans and add those to the salad. Really depends on how lazy I am tomorrow.

What are some of your go-to summer meals? Things that don’t heat up the kitchen are ideal!



  1. meals? in summer?
    you mean you are sposed to eat during all that heat too?
    do icecreams and beer count as meals?
    i mean….beer should at least…its basically bread
    (anyways by the end of summer farscy is half the man he was before summer….winter fixes that tho)

    • Hey Farscy — can you explain the history thing that meant the Belgies make all of the crazy funky beer and the Hollanders make Heineken?

      • huh?
        i can not
        tho i will admit duvel is some fucking awesome beer
        and we are guilty of heineken
        but i suspect its something belgians say to make it sound like they are not the butt of every idiot joke we make around here

        • American history is simple — we banned beer for about 15 years, shut down all of the breweries, and when we finally opened them up again it was the Great Depression and all we could manage was the cheapest stuff possible.

          • over here nothing is cheap
            but i think the reason belgium has the better beers is coz they….actually stuck to making beers
            over here we has decent beer….and fucking awesome make you go blind liqueur
            tho..fwiw its worth…between the local and belgian beer…i will pick italian any day
            i love me some birra morretti

      • I believe it is the Catholic monasteries. In Belgium they have them and for centuries have been producing those beers and liqueurs to fund their operations. The Netherlands went through the Reformation and I believe they got rid of the monasteries, so they went with the North German brewing traditions. In Southern/Catholic Germany you can find a lot of fruity beers and liqueurs too.

  2. Summer snacks that I love are frozen fruit like watermelon, peaches, and especially green grapes.

  3. I should probably save this for an Unpopular Opinions post – but Kroger Sushi. I’m pretty basic in my sushi consumption so it works fine for me. And, weirdly is really fresh – the sushi chef is really nice too. 

    • @lymond I’m a huge fan of grocery store sushi! Between my pedestrian midwestern palate and my soy allergy, it’s way easier than trying to navigate restaurant menus and being surprise by spicy mayo, eel sauce, soy sauce, random sauce that I don’t have any clue about, imitation krab stuck in things, etc. 

      • Krab with a K is the devil’s food. 

    • I worked with a guy who knows about sushi [his mom is from Japan]. I asked him to recommend a place and he said Shaw’s, the grocery store with an in-house sushi chef.

  4. BLTs and corn on the cob on the grill.  NOM

    • Yellowbird, BLTs always need a smear of avocado in my opinion

  5. Minted water. Italian ice. Grilled pineapple. Watermelon juice. Esquites (in a cup, preferably). If you’re packing lunches: Fresh fruit (melon, berries, stone fruits), sandwiches (most require no cooking, if you use deli meat or raw veggies). Oh, and summer squash. I just buy a medley at the green market and lightly saute’ them in olive oil & garlic, then add salt and pepper to taste. That should keep well for at least half a week’s worth of lunches. 

    • I was just talking with a coworker the other day, and something-remotely-tangential came up, and I was reminded of, and asked them if they remembered how before this pandemic, there was that period of time when the orange asshole froze all the federal hiring, and the FDA(?) had a huge shortage and couldn’t keep tabs on all the farms/factories, and there were outbreaks of salmonella or E.coli or something, so for a while, the general consensus was don’t eat anything that hasn’t been cooked, because it might kill you.  And at least where I am (SF Bay Area), several local restaurants completely took salads off the menu and stopped serving veggie toppings on sandwiches.

  6. Cold sesame noodles, thai peanut sauce on noodles, rice bowls. I wash and spin  lettuce as soon as I get home from the store and steam vegetables so it’s easy to throw a salad together. When I make eggs on Sunday I throw a few extra in to boil to have for salads. Oh and I think I invented a salad dressing that takes no time at all to make. Spoonful of doenjang or ssamjang, juice of 1/2 a lime, some sour cream or mayo.
    I cook things early in the morning before it gets too hot and stash meals in the freezer that I can microwave when it is too hot to cook. Like last night, I had blini from the freezer, some cheese, a couple of olives, and prosciutto.

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