Summer Projects? [NOT 3/5/22]

Hi, friends!

Topic of the night – you got any summer projects?

I think I’m going to turn the area the sump pump discharges to into a rain garden. It’s a boggy mess and stays soggy damp for a few days after rain. I figure I might as well put plants there that will be happy with wet feet.



  1. Me googling what plants to buy:

    Sees descriptions like – “enjoys wet, mucky conditions” and “fine when inundated”


    Sees descriptions like – “drought resistant” and “needs well-drained soil”

    Oh fuck no

  2. I had a boggy area in one of my old homes. Day lilies loved it.

    I’ll continue the garage clean up, I’m starting to make inroads. I’m waiting for fabric swatches for my new furniture then I’m going to sew curtains and pillow covers. I’m also going to make a bar cart. That should take me well into fall.

  3. Sometime between July and September. So I’ll have lots of time to get things ready. I need a new desk so I may start looking around for something to refinish too. Or go to IKEA and get something I can hack into something better.

    • After realizing that I had at least another 7 years to work, I bought an L-shaped parson style desk with file drawers as the support. Also bought glass to cover the top for protection. Love the space…finally enough room in the work-from-office.

  4. Organize garage for a second freezer and better parking.

    (If you can afford it, consider stocking up frozen and non-perishable food. I’ve been seeing family farms in my area go up for sale from rising costs.)

    Clear out old rotted wood on the deck, then turn half of it into a sun room. Find a contractor for that second bit.

    Grow some food and spices.

  5. My daughter bought a flat in Chicago, so my summer project is driving up there in June to watch her paint while I pet the dog.  I may hold a ladder if required to do so.

    Wife is going to a math conference in Novi Sad and will meet me in Chicago.

  6. Summer plan: visit family for the first time in three years. Summer project: eat my weight in all the Montreal delicacies that I’ve been missing for the past three years.

  7. Summer project is replacing my privacy fence and redoing the kitchen floor. I need to mulch the flower beds too. I’m not looking forward to any of it, mostly the part where I spend money. The only good project is trying to write another book… I’m thinking of taking a vacation to hide away with my laptop and imagination.

  8. ive got a shed full of bikes need fixing…

    currently have the funds to fix one of them properly….so…i guess thats where ill start… focus on one at a time..and see where we at by summers end

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