Summer Treats [NOT 6/5/21]

Hi, friends! As summer approaches, what are the treats that you associate with summer?

For me, it’s snow cones. We had a seasonal snow cone stand about 5 minutes from my home growing up and on Saturdays it was pretty common to go get a treat.

My favorite was rainbow, or grape if I wasn’t feeling rainbow. The snow cone stand had some odd flavors like “tiger blood”, “screaming eagle” (reference to Six Flags rollercoaster), and “Tom Collins” (kid me didn’t know it was usually an alcoholic drink).

Fun story – when I had had the chance in 2019 to go to Honolulu for work, one of the places the local office took me to was a shave ice shack. Oh it was amazing, I remember it had lilikoi, pineapple, and another flavor. My coworker was genuinely surprised I could finish it off since it was a very generous size, but I pointed out that being Midwestern, sugar is basically a food group when I was a kid.

The local frozen custard place has a snowcone with ice cream combo and I haven’t tried it yet. I bet I’ll like it, it’s just normally my frozen custard choice is a Reese’s peanut butter cups concrete. 🙂



  1. 1. Reese’s Peanut Butter or Skor Bar DQ Blizzards.
    As much as I like them, I have these maybe once or twice during the summer because a DQ Blizzard is a diabeetus 2 artery clogging desert (duh.)
    2. Freezie
    3. Basic Ice Cream Bar.  Fond memories of camping in Algonquin Park as a kid and going to the Outfitter Store for supplies.  My parents would get my siblings and I an Ice Cream Bar each if we were good (that was 50/50.)

  2. Popsicles! We have a great gourmet popsicle shop, my favorite flavors are the hibiscus, blood orange and Arnold Palmer. I’m going to be near there tomorrow, I think I’ll swing by and grab a few for the freezer. 
    In Costa Rica their version of a snow cone is called Copos. It’s shaved ice, syrup (kola/cherry is traditional but you can get other flavors), powdered milk, another layer of ice, syrup, and powdered milk, then topped with sweetened condensed milk. It’s delicious. Sometimes it’s served with fruit cocktail and a pirouette cookie and called a Churchill. 

  3. Summer berries! Strawberries! Mulberries! The emergence of stone fruits–especially plums and Jersey white peaches. 
    Summer squash! Garlic ramps! 
    Oh, and seasonal gelato flavours. 

  4. Does frozen custard count if I only eat it . . . less frequently during the winter?
    (By the way, I’m all up in your area again tonight, so I may get some after dinner, too!) 

    • Ohh you should! I think Andy’s is open until 10pm. Dunno when Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream closes, but that place is delightful if you find the idea of an ice cream sandwich made with a fresh, warm waffle to be an inspired treat. 

      • Oh, Andy’s is open ’til 11:00! I don’t know about Boardwalk because my car was already parked past it on the street. But in any case, I ended up opting for the creme brulée after the meal instead. Don’t know if that counts as a strictly summer treat, either, but it was fucking good.

  5. When I was a kid I really wanted one of those Hasbro/Kenner Snocone makers. More recently I finally got to see one in action and try it and it was way worse than store bought. I have to admit my parents were right.

  6. that reminds me, I should get another box of otterpops before it starts getting too hot out..
    (I did get a window fan and an air purifier though, which are likely to sit around in their box until it gets too hot or too smokey…)

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