Summertime… [DOT 2/7/22]

…and the livin’ is easy?

Fuck this guy

The billionaire blocking off Montana’s wildlife: ‘Like fencing people out of Walmart’

And this one

Miss. lawmaker says 12-year-old incest victims should carry pregnancies to term

Gonna be hot

Supreme Court limits EPA’s power to combat climate change

Great, now do a 6 more.

Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in to supreme court after ruling deals blow to climate crisis – live

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  1. Just like everything else, those fuckers are just getting started with the EPA ruling. This is a setup to strip regulatory power from every single executive agency because who gives a shit that this is exactly how the constitution was designed to work. Eventually the only power the president will have is to start wars because that’s still totally cool in spite of the fact that it’s actually congress’ job.

    • I know, I mean why not go ahead and bring back lead in pipes, paint and gas. Woohoo! How about asbestos in buildings? I don’t think enough people have died of lung cancer from that yet. JFC.

    • What the morons who are cheering this on don’t get is that these guys will absolutely be going after private property soon, Russia style.

      GOP wants to hand over Shell’s refineries over to an oligarch in the name of lower gas prices? Who stops them? Sarah Huckabee Sanders likes your beachfront property? The GOP will condemn it and let her buy it from the government for a dollar.

      The extremist right wing theory that all government regulations violate the Takings Clause of the Constitution — that the government must offer full compensation for taking private property — that theory will undergo a full 180 when they want.

      Private oil fields, apartment buildings, anything belonging to people on the wrong part of the spinning wheel of favorites will be fair game.

      They have a court that cares nothing about precedent, legal reasoning, anything really. And they’re eager to carve up private property and hand out the spoils.

  2. Ricketts… hmmm.

    Oh yeah, owner of the Cubs, a big ass Trumper and the father of some fucking asshole Trumper spawn.

    The same man who has tried to shake down the Feds/Illinois/Chicago for cash for a new stadium and also tried to block out all the neighborhood bars to squeeze as much cash from the Cubs as possible.

    That’s par for the course for him and his lousy family.

  3. Grease is a great weathervane musical for “is that white person a casual suburban racist?” based on whether or not they let their kids watch both Grease and Hairspray.

    When the Hairspray musical movie came out a while back, a decent amount of people I knew were all “welllllllllllll it’s just not as kid-friendly as I’d like for my kids” and I would be like “Summer Nights openly refers to sexual assault, Greased Lightning talks about making girls cream, and the entire plot is change everything about yourself so another person likes you, but please tell me how that’s kid-friendly.”

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