Summertime’s End [NOT 27/8/22]

What are your fall plans?

I don’t have much except three:

The first is a (small) porch enclosure to pay for.

The 2nd is a trip South West (California) and West (Canada) in November already on the books.

The third has been the same one I’ve had for the last four years: get a new intellectually demanding job. To be honest, the 3rd plan hasn’t been going well.

Otherwise open thread/threat!



  1. I’m hoping to stretch out the maximum I can run by at least a couple more miles. With any luck cooler weather will make it easier, although to be honest the bigger barrier than weather will be how much I’m willing to see it through.

  2. Weekend after next I need to assemble my new raised bed and plant my fall veggies.

    Typically I spend September being overwhelmed with tomatoes and peppers and impatiently stress over my baby fall veggies.

    Then I spend October stressing about what if it drops into the low 40s and my summer veggies die.

    Also I’m replacing the deck because it’s rotted and dangerous and ouch my bank account.

  3. My goals are;

    1. to get out of the financial hole that I’m in, because of taking all that unpaid FMLA** time to take care of Dad & deal with his stuff.

    Turned out that, not only did I miss most of/all of a few paychecks in Nov./Dec./Jan./February, I ALSO ended up losing the better part of three in May-July, because of what amounts to basically something like “clawbacks,” to cover the portion of my health insurance plan that I would have “earned” had i nottaken all that unpaid time.

    get why I lost the spring/summer paychecks–it’s entirely logical in hindsight…. I just wish there had been a better explanation *ahead of time* (or “as it was happening” when it came to *anyone* telling me all of what “Dock Time” really *meant*

    I had NO idea that *i* had to cover the payments for the insurance for that missing segment of work, *also.*

    So i’ma be picking up hours *wherever I can* this fall, to try and get everything (and everyone!) paid back up…

    And then my other goals are..

    2. Trying to get *myself* on some sort of even keel medicine & mealtime-wise–figuring out *some* kind of system to make sure i eat semi-healthily & regularly *and* don’t forget to take all my meds, now that I no longer have the “external prompt” of “I need to give Lily her insulin, feed her, and oh yeah, feed *me* too!”🙃

    I have no real “routine” I need to follow with her gone.

    And it’s been playing hell on my blood sugars. Between the lack of those 10-60 minute walks multiple times a day & the *structure* of staying on track to keep HER ok?..

    I’ve forgotten to take part of my meds***, a few times I’ve simply forgotten to eat anything until 9-10pm–when I suddenly feel like crap, and then remember to scan (realizing my sugars are tanking!), if I’m at home I forget to drink enough water now–because I was filling *my* water bottle whenever I filled *her* water bowl, annnd I’ve been working lots, so not always remembered to meal-prep ahead of time.

    Goal 3–approved by my Primary (a Nurse Practitioner I’ve been seeing for years now), is to get another, less medically-needy dog.

    Both for the companionship, and for keeping *me* on track with some routine, structure, & to get trained up as a working service/therapy dog.

    Because she & i started talking about “my next dog,” back last fall–after having Lily along up at Dad’s kept *me* on track meds, diabetes, & mental-health wise.

    My NP agreed that I was staying on track better that either of us expected, back when I had to drop everything to care for Dad, and Lily’s care-needs where why it happened…

    YES, there were *also* some absolutely spectacular fails, and a few different trips to the Urgent Care Vet, when I failed to keep *everything* juggled successfully…

    BUT, I stayed *mostly* on-track, DID get my meds most days (especially once I started using the 32-slot pillbox!), and my NP agreed, it was all because Lily’s needs gave me the *external* structure i needed…

    So we’d agreed to talk, after the “someday when she’s gone” happened, and that conversation started during this week’s appointment.

    I don’t know *when* I’ll get the next dog, but I’m hoping to find a good fit–both for *me* and for the Pup & my roommates–hopefully by November-ish.

    My 4 & 5 goals are to get the MN Frontline Worker pay, and use that to knock down some bills, and to apply for the Biden College Loan Forgiveness thing–my mind was absolutely BLOWN this week, when they announced that ot wasn’t just the 10K, but 20K for folks who have/had PELL grants.

    It’s going to literally erase more than 1/3 of the college debt i owe, and I’m still kinda in shock about it, if I’m honest! I ended up tapping out all my federal loan eligibility last fall, not knowing I’d hit the cap… so this is HUGE, and will be literally life-changing, and I’ll be able to finally finish those last 3 credits of my Bachelors degree, and hopefully start the grad certification/a masters’ program to get my ECSE license, next fall if I’m lucky💓💖💝


    **i know it’s supposed to be the “Family and Medical Leave Act,” but it should *really* be the “F*&k My Life Act”!!!

    (***when I did “two medical *things* a week ago Monday–by starting my new Libre2 sensor & injecting my long-acting insulin then left for work… completely forgetting to take any of my pill-form meds before I left the house!🙃)

    • Wow, I didn’t know that either. This country sucks.
      I’m sure the combination of grief and the sudden end to the emotional/physical work of getting your father’s situation sorted out is contributing to your forgetfulness taking care of yourself. That was a lot to process and very draining. I hope you can get back into a routine. ❤️

      • Thanks Hannibal!

        I really can’t complain about the insurance part–we DO have pretty great insurance, and in a typical year,  (because I work for one of the biggest districts in the state, so we get sort of a “volume discount”😉), the insurance cost is typically about $200 for the whole year (YES, just $200.00!), plus the cost of our deductible–and if you’re like me, and HIT the deductible every year, you can pick the “high deductible”/”non-copay” plan that tops out at $1,500.00 for a year’s coverage.

        So it’s typically really cheap, with good coverage–we change carriers this fall, so I don’t know how it *will* be, but aside from the Dock Time thing-and the lack of explanation about it–it’s been really solid.😉💖

        Ngl, as far as the next pup goes, I’ve already gotten on the email list for Minneapolis Animal Control (Mpls residents pay a top adoption fee of $50.00, and *most* dogs are a $0.00 fee for city residents–and they also offer inexpensive shots, a lifetime dog license for just a few hundred dollars, *and* microchipping) and I’m looking at the Humane Societies up Home, too😉

        I need to call and see if I can find out more about Goose, and why he’s a sponsored adoption–it *might* just be a matter of him being around for a long while, or perhaps a bit of “Big Black Dog Syndrome”… but he sure is CUTE!😉

      • I have sooooooo many alarms!😉😄😂💖💞💗💓

        That’s part of the reason I have the separate reader for my Libre2, rather than using my phone to read the sensors! With the *other* alarms going off multiple times a day, I DO remember to scan, and am not screwed if my phone dies😉

        It’s just that my schedule is so erratic right now, with us being out of school (the regular year starts back up soon, so I’m hoping to get a nice little, comfortable, “rut” going–that’ll help!), and my grocery-store hours are changing al the time lately, too–so THAT messes me up!🙃

    • FMLA just exists to make it legally easier for a company to fire someone after taking UNPAID time off work. “oh, uh, we tried to not replace you while you were gone for this totally reasonable thing, but ohhh noooo welp sorry about that.”

    • Good luck — with #3 our local SPCA has good affordable training programs and it’s worth checking them out before any actual dog search. The process can be a ton of fun. And good luck with the loan forgiveness — that’s really good news.

      • Thanks for the training tips, @Bluedogcollar!  I’ll definitely look into that!😉

        And thanks, too, for the luck!

        I was dumbfounded the other day when the PELL news dropped, ‘cuz I deliberately *hadn’t* been tracking any of the forgiveness news, in order to not get my hopes up, if it never happened. Tbh, I’ve just been really grateful for the “pause on repayments” that’s happened, because t meant I was lucky enough to not get behind on those payments, too, with everything this last year+!💖

    • Hope you do successfully dig out of your hole.  I’ve been there, but not as deep as one you’re in.

      The student loan forgiveness is definitely a very good thing. Hope that application goes well.

  4. I need to start making chicken and beef stock for the freezer so that when winter comes I can curl up in front of the fire with a bowl of hot soup. Better order some firewood too!

  5. I’m in the middle of helping my kid move (I got suckered…). However, I refused to haul anything or go up and down stairs more than required to get to his new apartment. I packed boxes, cleaned out the fridge, now I’m going to watch Grandbaby at my house so the kids can do the rest of the cleaning… I’ll come back later!

    • This is definitely the best way to help move, Smacks!😉😁💖

      I hope you enjoy the quality-est of quality moving time with your grand!😉🤗💞💫

  6. got a letter from the gubment…apparently they are giving me $700

    something about overpaid taxes

    me thinks i’d better sit on that instead of spending it all on something fun incase they fucked up and want it back later

    i dont think i overpaid….lol

    still….if they dont want it back i can finally get a new fridge…my current one leaks pretty bad

  7. I’m actually taking a trip out west myself this fall — to the ATA conference in L.A., where I may or may not attempt the certification exam once again (depending on how I’ve done on the practice test I took a couple of weeks ago and, more to the point, if I can scrape up the cash). But I’m slated to take a few day trips to  interpret for court in the rather redder portions of the state, in a car that I’ve now officially paid off in full, so that may help endeavors somewhat.

    I’ve also got another damn birthday coming up in a bit more than a month: 45, which would seem rather lackluster in and of itself — and even less so after the past handful of years.

    • Congratulations on the full ownership, Perdido!🥳🥳🥳

      And I hope your trip goes smoothly & that you have lots of fun, and happy early birthday!

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