Sunday Funday…[DOT 11/7/21]

Good Sunday morning! I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Spent Friday evening at the pool for a birthday party for me and two other neighbors. Tonight we saw my friend and her family that I obviously haven’t seen in over a year. They cooked an amazing dinner and by the time I looked at a clock it was 11. More pool time today and book club. (And no, I haven’t read the book because I’m basically the worst book club member ever. If anyone has read “A Burning” by Megha Majumdar, feel free to drop the Cliffs Notes below.)

Anyhow, if you are looking for something to read or watch, be sure to check out Brain Drain and they will steer you right.

Other than that, let’s see what else is going on…

Well that’s something.

Robert E. Lee statue removed in Charlottesville; it had become focal point of deadly 2017 rally


Heat wave smothers much of West Coast in triple-degree temperatures


Woman, 90, infected with Alpha and Beta Covid variants at the same time


Ashleigh Barty becomes first Australian woman to win Wimbledon singles title in 41 years

A few good tweets:

The anti-vaxxers are this close! Almost there guys…

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Have a great day!



  1. i feel like if you are 90 and didnt get vaccinated…you kind of nominate yourself for a darwin award?
    (course….its probably about 70 years too late to really be a darwin award…)
    still…rona types being stackable is a little worrying…good thing im still anti social and perfectly happy to avoid people most of the time

  2. The doormat reminds me of my work buddy, after meetings with the [former]boss we would send each other pics of the ‘Happy Birthday Clint’ cake fail.

  3. Completely à propos of nothing, I have come to love the rollator, dba “Greased Lightning.” I don’t know if it’s Stockholm Syndrome or what. It is I and I am it. 

    Here’s what I have:

    Isn’t she a beauty? I mentioned before that when you appear in public with one of these things you enter another world. People on the sidewalk get out of your way. People hold doors open for you. If you are in a corner bodega and there’s a chaotic cluster around the counter you get, “Oh no, you go first” from the others, as if to add, “you have so little time left on this earth…”

    That thing in the middle is a seat, and below it is a little carrying compartment, which is so handy. I almost wish I were a drug dealer. I could put my stash there and deal out of that and who would suspect me? In front is a padded bar that acts as a bumper, so if it rolls away from you, which it has on Manhattan’s woefully ill-maintained sidewalks, it crashes quietly and without incident into a parked car, a trash can, whatever. 

    My last remaining problem with the rollator was the dog is terrified by it but I walk him at least once a day, to take the chore of Better Half’s hands. The words of my rehab center’s physical therapist came back to me almost in a voiceover, as if I were in the soap opera, “As the World Rolls.” “You’ll start relying on it less and less and you can use it as a cane. Stand to one side of it rather than pushing it in front of you.” That is what I do with Loyal Hound, him leashed on one side, Greased Lightning on the other, and he seems OK with that. This takes some agility, though, because he likes to wander and pull, so I have to keep changing hands. It almost feels like I’m in a rodeo doing rope tricks, but I’ve become quite good at it.

    I’m pretty much at the point where I probably don’t need it at all, except to keep my balance when I’m doing my rodeo act with my 4-legged partner, but it’s mine to keep and I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth. As bad as NYC sidewalks are the subway is far worse (“Americans With Disabilities Act, passed in 1990 you say? Never heard of it”) so it will not be accompanying me when I finally return to that stygian horror.

    But otherwise Greased Lightning is now my bff 🙂

    • You will know you don’t need it anymore when you start tripping over it and stubbing your toe on it, then it will be who can I donate this fucking thing to or how can I repurpose this fucking thing.
      Don’t ask me how I know…

    • There was a senior citizen guy in my old neighborhood who used to push his dog around in an old school baby carriage (not stroller). Maybe you could pick up one of those for your dog walking days for transport to a park.

  4. Can’t reach it, don’t need it? (Looks around) Four dogs, an Irish coffee, the NYT  magazine and styles sections, phone, and kindle. Yup, I’m good.

  5. Howdy, folks. It’s been a pretty shit weekend, overall. My sweet old man kitty, Shadow, passed away on Friday morning. He was 17, and it was not unexpected, but still… it’s hard. Friday was basically a blur of dealing with that, comforting Almost-MiL (O-H’s mom. My 2 old kitties have lived with her for the last few years and she took excellent care of Shadow, feeding him water and broth from a dropper for the last few days of his life), and having a whole stack of errands to run.
    Yesterday, KidSmacks3 and I drove down to stay at my friend’s home overnight, and there was a whooole lot of time in the car, but at least I got to go to the big library and get a stack of new books!
    And today, I’m going in an hour to get my hair chopped off short. Well, not too short… just so that it just touches my shoulders, which is pretty short for me. After that, a quick stop at the big grocery store with the “ethnic foods” section (we live in a pretty rural area and Walmart [boooo, I know] doesn’t have a lot of stuff I got used to having when I lived near the big city!) and then KidSmacks3 and I are heading home because he has to work tonight. 
    Oh, and, it’s raining, because, why not? 

  6. neighbours little poodle keeps trying to attack candy…. my grumpy old lady cat
    so far the neighbours leash has kept shit from going down
    but i kind of want to see that fight
    considering i got candy coz she was beating up my aunts wolfhounds….
    wonder what poodle taste like?

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