Sunday Funday… [DOT 15/12/19]

I was stuck on several planes over Thanksgiving and decided to watch this. I was laughing hysterically to the point where people around me were giving me looks. Hopefully it’s not one of those things that is just hilarious when you are trapped on a plane though!

What was the last thing that made you laugh til it hurt?



  1. these DOT things are tricky…I know it’s the weekend & all but it’s like nobody remembers how these work at the moment.

    & that kinda sucks because they were a lot of the most fun at SplinterRIP…

    …but to answer your question I think the thing that has made me laugh the hardest of late comes down to one of two things.

    #1 – the rare moments when the numbers show that the Brexit party standing in a seat cost the Conservative party yet another undeserved seat to add to their freakishly disproportionate majority…way to step on each other dicks there, you incestuous sack of mysoniginistic megalomaniacal misanthropes…

    & #2 (but #1 for real gut-laugh funny purposes) is the new Harley Quinn animated series…particularly episode #3 where she’s trying to break the female supervillain glass ceiling…

  2. I have a very funny group of friends, they often make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. But it’s sort of you had to be there humor.

    • This. I got together with college friends just before Thanksgiving, and I laughed so hard I had to worry about barfing barbecue.

      • That’s the best!!!

  3. I rewatch this scene from Next Friday often. Never fails to make me & wife laugh until snot comes out of noses.

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