Sunday Funday! [DOT 30/5/21]

Gosh I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and possibly enjoying an extra day of rest. In my case it’s not rest, it’s most of my family in town. Frankly it’s awesome. But tiring!

I think the rain and cold might finish off the cicadas this weekend. Their low hum has been non-existent today. Curious to see what happens when it warms back up.


Vietnam detects highly contagious new coronavirus variant as infections surge; Variant is a mix of coronavirus strains first detected in the United Kingdom and India, country’s health minister says

‘Merica can’t take a holiday from horrific gun violence…

A 9-year-old girl has died after being shot while jumping on trampoline in Minneapolis

This fucking guy…

How Mitch McConnell killed the US Capitol attack commission

This is literally the only podcast I have willingly listened to.

How we made: My Dad Wrote a Porno


Gavin MacLeod, The Love Boat’s Captain Stubing, dies aged 90

Anyone else obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo? No, just me? IDC!

Enjoy your funday!



  1. oh wait..its an off topic…i forgot
    whats the wierdest way you ever discovered a band?
    coz i just needed this pic 

    for…uhhh..reasons…. and discovered monorailcat is a band

    i like it too….lol

    • …can’t remember if it was wheeled out before the time alex jones used it…but I wish that defense didn’t work

      …it feels like it ought to compound the offense rather than excuse it

      • I don’t think it is. If you scam somebody, you can’t use the defense that they are stupid, no matter how stupid they are. Jones’ suits went forward, and the Supreme Court declined to hear it. 

    • …you’d think they wouldn’t…but I gather some bits of it did/do?

      …also discovered that apparently the internet has stopped bothering to tell me about the royal family…the person who complained to me that the radio kept bleating about boris getting hitched was surprised when I said I’d seen nothing about that or prince william apparently having spent the last week in various bits of scotland…can’t decide if I’m glad to not get that stuff or annoyed that I can’t avoid the “tailored” news thing?

      …why call it “the news” if everybody’s is different?

      • …why call it “the news” if everybody’s is different?

        That’s a really good point. Lucky we the DeadSplinterati diligently strive to read every word and link in the DOT and the comment section.
        Not /s

  2. I know some here are not fans of Keith but you have to admit, he nailed it!

  3. Man, how do you guys deal with sunlight?Still groggy from the bloody time change/shift change.
    Soon it will be time to head out and get some Chinese BBQ and roast duck… I really enjoy it, but I don’t enjoy as much as I would like because I’d gain a lot of weight. 
    Still on the no snack diet (and I’ve lost a good 3kg in the past 5-6 weeks).

    • Carrying with Chinese BBQ, I made some ginger scallion sauce dicing up scallions and ginger, stir frying in oil and garnishing with a touch of salt and sesame oil. 
      I made it because I can’t get enough of this stuff when it comes with a BBQ meal.

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