Sunday Funday [NOT 18/7/21]

Michael Bluth from Arrested Development with quote "I don't know what I expected"
I really don't know what I expected

Hi, friends!

How did everyone’s weekend go?

I did some yard work this morning when it was cool enough to wear pants (so I’d have some mosquito protection) and then I’m going to a bbq this afternoon. By the time you’re reading this post, I’ll have ventured to Jefferson County and ahhh….. I’ll check in later. I really hate that people I know moved out there. I get it, houses are cheap. Even by St. Louis standards, they’re cheap. But it’s a republican shithole county that if it didn’t sit adjacent to St. Louis it wouldn’t exist economically.

Side note – I have a theory that every county named in honor of Thomas Jefferson is a shitty place full of racists and assholes. Can you think of states to back this up? Can verify it for Missouri, Alabama (compared to surrounding counties, it was even more Alabama redneck racist if you can imagine!), and Virginia.



    • for the sake of argument, i think most cities tend to lean liberal, and more so as the population increases.
      I think it’s related to why most political issue maps tend to echo population density maps.  Not entirely certain on why, but I suspect that part of it is in a city, there tends to be more diversity, and everyone is more or less forced to interact and deal with people from different demographics then their own, and get a sorta jaded attitude to the scary-minority-of-the-week that keeps suburbia red…

      • I think it’s a combination of population density, gerrymandering, and the way folks tend to adopt their politics as their identities more.
        That last bit for me points to parents trying harder to pass down their political leaning to family, making it easier to build a tribal feeling at home, and unlike before there are indoctrination media all over the place from Fox News on the big screen to Facebook on the little screen. There is also the fact that suburbs and rural areas cause people to be more isolated from anyone outside their immediate social circles which kills their diversity of exposures in life.

  1. Yesterday I made peach syrup and no churn peach ice cream. The syrup is delicious, the ice cream is okay. Today I froze four 6 cup bags of peach slices. Tomorrow  I’m going to freeze another batch of slices, make a cobbler, and start a shrub. Tuesday I’ll finish the freezing, the shrub, and grill some. And hopefully that will be the end of my peach labors for a bit.
    Seeing as how most places in America are full of assholes and racists I’m sure the Jefferson named towns/counties/ cities/what have you are as well. 

    • i was just complaining about this over on groupthink, i think?
      but we really need a three-day weekend to be standard.  One day to recover, one day to do errands, and one day for your own personal interests.

  2. I’m in the middle of a temperate rainforest w/ super sketchy WiFi. Takes 10mins to load this page & still not showing pics. Paddled & did a cool hike today before a weird dirt road drive where we bought a cheesecake from a roadside self serve fridge in somebody’s yard. If u don’t hear from me again, that may have not been the best choice.

      • No, the point is family togetherness for my wife, pretty pictures for me, sleeping & complaining about shitty WiFi for my daughters & trying not to all hate each other by the time we get home is our family goal.  We can all only take so much outdoors fun before we need to get out of sun.  We’ve been outside since 630am & now back in the cabin chilling.  

  3. My sister and I had spend Sunday evening to talk my mom out of taking her retirement money out of her retirement investment vehicle and throwing it into her bank account (with the potential of losing 1/2 in taxes.)
    My dad set everything up and despite being really conservative with money, did a really good job (with his financial advisor) setting the vehicle up that it makes money even after payments and fees!  She was going to throw that all away after reading about in a vague newspaper article.
    She kept complaining about how the fund goes up and down.  Ugh.  Investments fluctuate!  The depths of my mom’s financial ignorance are stunning, but not surprising as women of her age (and class) weren’t supposed to be involved with the finances.  My friends are dealing with a lot of the same issues as their parents age.
    Thankfully, my old fashioned dad didn’t keep my sister in the dark when it came to financial knowledge.

  4. My first thought was that “Jefferson County” would be named for Jefferson Davis, so of course it’s conservative and full of racists. But Tommy Jefferson as a namesake fits the profile as well. 

  5. weekend went fine…i got absolutely nothing done…not even cooking…which is impressive coz ive been bouncing off the walls since friday
    still going today….im going to be exhausted by the time i have to get back to work on tuesday….but thats fine as i wont have to work very hard courtesy of the shitshow thats worsening over there….by the time friday comes around i should be properly rested again

  6. Last week of summer school with the kiddos, then I’m just at the grocery store until fall (unless I get another job somewhere else, because the store–as some of y’all may remember–is getting extremely frustrating to be at…. 
    It all boils down to basically incompetence, and the fact that management either can’t or won’t  see it and/or fix it.
    I’ve now talked to every manager who has anything to do with the front end, about how our ordering person isn’t ordering things… when I mentioned *one* particular item (skittles) and said I KNEW it hadn’t been ordered in months, and that if you looked the sku up in our ordering system, I’d most likely be proven right, *suddenly* we fiiiiiiiinally ordered some🙄🙄🙄
    But we aren’t ordering nearly enough–we have 8 shelving units to put candy & gum up on…. and when i left last night, I could have basically had *3* completely  empty on both sides😒😒😒
    But they won’t let me, or anyone else order, because if they take the ordering gun away from the person who keeps fucking it all up not ordering enough to fill our shelves, he basically throws a goddamn temper tantrum like a damn toddler…
    And because our well-meaning, but frankly incompetent assistant managers “want to keep everyone happy here!”(🙄😡🤬), they just keep on letting him short the goddamned orders & leave the shelves bare, meaning we’re literally missing hundreds to thousands  of dollars in sales every week & month.
    This is the same dumbass who orders *one case every day* of popular items that come 6 pieces per case in the grocery department, rather than filling the shelf, then just re-ordering *once* a week…. 
    The levels of incompetence are just staggering, and I HATE it… it’s not like we don’t have decent workers in the store, it’s just that the incompetent ones are long-timers, who basically wait out management, until the managers can’t DO a damn thing, and ask for a store transfer…
    It’s infuriating, tbh, as both an employee, AND as a person whose closest grocery store is this store.
    We shouldn’t have expired stuff on the shelves, either, but I can’t pull it, because the grocery manager gets mad & puts it back up on the shelves!🙄😒🤢
    My guess is, in part, to cover for the incompetent ordering done by the other person., and also partly because he has his own damn ego & feelings wrapped up in the fact that old stuff that should have gotten rotated out & sold on time isn’t…
    And I’m honestly wondering if part of the reason for that ego & frankly butt-hurt, is because if the store’s managers really understood how much expired product we have on the shelves, he’d be in trouble–because even though we’re an urban store where shrink is expected, stuff dies by the case-unopened–in our basement/backroom, because no one works the backstock.
    I recently found out/got confirmation that that was why I got pushed off the grocery crew… I pulled expired stuff, and marked through the face, so it couldn’t be re-shelved…. and that made some folks *very* upset.
    I’m just frustrated with the incompetence, tired of waiting to be moved to a different department, and this past week’s paycheck–where I apparently didn’t get paid at all for working on the fourth–let alone the *additional* pay i waz supposed to get for working the holiday, AND all my available vacation time has apparently gone missing from the paystub was just the kicker on the whole shit-sandwich of it🙃
    My direct manager is in tomorrow and I’ll be speaking with them, about my frustrations…. but if there isn’t a way to solve it, I’m going to ask them how to do a store transfer, because I’m just tired of all the damn laziness & half-assery… like, I GET that retail sucks, and it’s hard to find good workers… but when the management won’t manage, it all gets too damn toxic (been there, done THAT for too many years, in my old field!), and I can find a better spot elsewhere.

    • Oh god, your story is giving me some flashbacks. I can only recommend getting out as soon as you can. With the bullshit entrenched in management this will only escalate until corporate finds out and they make the grunts take the fall. 
      At the next place, I suggest trying to find out quick if the management is on similar bullshit. You will need to mentally prepare and adjust your expectations accordingly.

      • Thanks, HHG!
        That whole “grunts taking the fall” thing is something that’s been on the back of my mind, and is part of the reason I’ve kinda been looking–and have definitely been thinking about asking for a transfer to a store where I can work the grocery department again.
        Like I told Ellie, there’s another local chain which is part of our same union, and they’ve got some positions that sound interesting & where I could be a really good fit😉
        That place apparently also has some sort of tuition reimbursement program–and that would honestly be pretty awesome, since I gmhave this last semester, then grad studies!

    • I’m sorry.
      this sounds all too familiar, and unfortunately, I think the most likely solution is to keep your head down, put in your hours, and wait until you no longer need that as a side-job.

      • I’ll get out if I need to, long before I don’t need the side gig😉
        Tbh, lots of places around here are hiring–and most are honestly paying more than I’m getting… it’s perhaps the kick i need, to go try for a different job that pays a couple dollars an hour *more*😉💖

      • Thanks, @Elliecoo!
        I did go in Monday, and try to speak w/my manager. They were in a meeting through the end of the workday, but I caught the assistant store manager.   
        It’s not all sorted out yet, with the paycheck, but it’s started… and when i mentioned the front-end candy situation to him, and asked if he was ordering (because he had a scanning gun in-hand at that moment), he asked if *I* would mind doing that job…
        I told him I’d love to be in charge of that–that it was talked about back in about February , and YES! PLEASE!!!
        He told me “he was working on it,” and asked me to “be patient”… but, again……👏Feb👏ru👏ar👏y👏!!!
        At this point, I’m willing to ride it out for a few more weeks, but there’s another grocery chain down here that’s part of the same union, but who’s looking for both E-commerce *and* E-commerce delivery route** folks…
        And, that job pays more than this one… so I’ll be looking into that one, once we’re done at the school & I have some free time this next week😉
        That place apparently *also* does some tuition reimbursement, in their benefits package… so it could be good on multiple fronts😉

  7. This weekend I learned that putting out a new water source for the birds is dumb when it rains every day.
    Got a couple of hours of yard work in between showers. Spent about 15 minutes pruning Dr. Huey, blood was shed. New plan: cut him back to about 18″ high, rebuild the trellis and move on.
    Spent a whole Sunday afternoon watching Miss Marple, knitting the sleeve to the Baja Hoodie and thinking about mug cake. Mug cake test trials this week!

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