Sunday Funday [NOT 18/9/22]

Hi, friends!

How did your weekend go? Anything good happen?

I went to the aquarium yesterday and spent a lot of time watching otters and sting rays. It was delightful!



  1. Yesterday I went to the Colombian place where we met for lunch last month. All the parking spots were taken because there was a Meetup group for people practicing Spanish conversation inside. I almost thought of crashing it and showing off my skills, but every chair was already taken at the tables they’d smashed together to make room for everyone. Besides, I was about to practice it myself in a little while by picking up a couple of extra hours to make up for the buffer time I’m taking off this week for a couple of court gigs, and I remembered just how fucking boring and slow-going those Meetup groups already were for me when I tried them more than 15 years ago.

    Also, the Balloon Glow was this weekend at Forest Park, but I didn’t know it and was confused and rather perturbed by traffic on on Friday night after I got off work. I meant to look up what was going on, but I didn’t find out until I happened to see the news story about the shooting there last night. Maybe I’d have ventured out there if I’d bothered to find out, so I guess ignorance is . . . safety?

  2. I managed to plod my way through an almost 9 mile run today. It’s been years since I’ve been able to run this far, although I’m much slower now. I’m not hurting too much, which is the best thing.

  3. Made the last batch of pickles for the season. Starting to wind down the garden. Which kind of sucks because now that we’re actually getting rain more often than once a month, and the heat isn’t oppressive, the tomatoes and peppers are finally starting to produce—roughly 3 weeks before everything stops.

  4. Went to dinner at the parents place.  I must admit that things between us have been a lot better since they got older and/or I matured.

    Helped mom figure out to set up her VOIP connection (being stubborn about new things meant that they only got VOIP last month) so she could speak to relatives in Korea without paying thru the nose. At least this bit of tech support went better than the last time I did tech support some 15 years ago when I ended up yelling at everyone in the house after they refused to do what I told them to do to set up their wifi network and swore I’d never do family tech support ever again.

  5. I kinda accidentally slept til noon on Saturday. On Sunday I went to an opera in the park event that my neighbors put on. Then they had everyone over for lasagna, so that was pretty fun.

    But, yeah, I feel you. Where did the weekend go?

  6. I finished making a penguin. I won’t bother making its cape because my kids like their toys to be Nackedei. I’m not thrilled with the colours but it was what I had on hand.


    Penguin Amigurumi

      • Haha thanks @MatthewCrawley ! Whatchu doing up so late? Hopefully something fun like binging a TV series. Or creating a DS gossip column 😉

        Did you hear?

        Blake Lively, of the original Gossip Girl fame, and her Canadian husband are expecting a fourth child. They barfingly cutely refer to themselves as “breeders”.

        Harry Styles might have broken up with his former boss because she lied about picking him over Shia Lebeuf for her film. Sloppy seconds and all that.

        Gigi Hadid is dating Leo DiCaprio even though she is 27 YEARS OLD and a mother. Has she broken his girlfriend mold? Or is this a PR stunt? “Look at me guys! I’m Leo D. and it is physically possible for me to date someone older than 25 without my ego bursting into a million insecure pieces (but she has to be a model because duh)!”

        • @HammerZeitgeist The sad reality is I turned in early after having had a chicken Caesar salad that I made myself (marinated and grilled the breast even) and I think the absence of any accompanying wine led me to wake up at whatever-in-the-morning for a little DS catch-up. I did hear about Leo and his 27-year-old crone. Next thing you know he’ll be making a play for Gigi’s Mom Yolanda (one of the best and loopiest RHOBH ever).

      • Thanks @elliecoo ! When I get into creative mode, I focus all my free time and energy on a project (or book). So I do churn out these Amigurumi pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like making another penguin. Maybe a puffin next.

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