Sunday Funday [NOT 29/01/23]

Hi, friends!

How is your day going?

Yesterday was sunny and warm and today is way colder and dreary as fuck.

In order to make me feel better, I baked a chocolate cake.

Did you cope with anything via baked goods today?



  1. I wanted pizza and ice cream, but not badly enough to deal with the 10 inches of snow out there. I thought, ok, I have pita breads and cheese, canned sauce, etc., so I’ll make pita pizzas. Eventually, I realized I didn’t have the energy, either mental or physical, to bother with that… so, I tossed a Lean Cuisine in the microwave.

    Other-Husband picked up all of Noodle’s toys and stuff this morning, and packed it all into his favourite sleeping box and put it away. I would have left it all for awhile, but he was breaking down every time he saw the toys and stuff. For me, it’s more that I keep expecting to see him when I open the bathroom door or when I walk in to my room. I miss my Noodle-bug 💔

  2. We had lunch with a friend of ours that had moved to Germany.  She is a doctor & moved back because her two autistic kids can get better support there.  She is back here because the German healthcare system is also fucked & she makes 3 to 4x as much here.  So she left the family in Germany while she works for a year or so.  Good to see her but get her & my wife together & they have conversations I cannot understand & don’t want to hear.

  3. As soon as I came home from work, my internet died.  This is the 3rd or 4th major outage I’ve experienced from my internet provider (rhymes with Dodgers and like them, they crap out at critical times) in the past 6 months.  Someone should be fired, but I don’t know who.

    I coped by eating at the parents for dinner.

    • Are you in a situation where Dodgers/Pogers/Togers is your only internet service provider option? I’m used to living in a city where we can be disappointed by Spectrum or AT&T for internet. So at least we have the option of changing.

      • Actually, they’re (Rogers) the least worst option. Bell/Hell the other major service provider only has wireless service (and very shitty wireless) in my area and hasn’t upgraded to fibre optic (unlike what their goddamned ads say.)

        It’s kind of shit when your internet goes. I feel completely disconnected.

  4. I know Spring is around the corner because we’ve scheduled Shearing Day for two weeks time.  We’re having Bluegrass Barbecue cater it and there are two shearers coming this year so we get it all done in one day.  We have a nice big lunch and it also means that lambing season is only about 6-8 more weeks away.


  5. no baked goods for me…just a sunday roast which isnt a bad thing…even tho it was vegetarian instead of pork…tho admittedly the marinated veggi fillets they sell here are a pretty convincing replacement for meat….i kinda like them

    also despite my best efforts with the ice packs im still not in proper walking to work condition…. annoying… guess ill take the bike today… be smart for once

  6. My feet are killing me right now, and I can’t sleep, because of it.🙃

    On the one hand (paycheck-wise), I’m really glad that I worked a bunch of hours this weekend at the grocery store… but I also came to the harsh realization that ALL my shoes are currently old, annnnd that’s not a good thing, when I’m on my feet for most of the hours from 8am until midnight or later.

    So rather than immediately chucking all of this (and the next few!) paycheck at bills, and catching everything up/getting some savings started for Dad’s summer celebration-of-life, i’m gonna NEED to get a couple newer pairs of Keens & some orthotics to keep my feet & ankles in proper alignment, so I can fall asleep after any evening shifts I pick up.

    So that rather than feeling like my foot’s being pulled apart somewhere between my heels & arches for hours after standing, that feeling only lasts for a little while again.😉

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