1. Bolsonaro tried to 1/6 the Brazilian capital, but CNN reports police stayed loyal to the elected government, cleared buildings of the criminal mob, and at least 170 mob members have been arrested.

    I want to thank @splinterRIP for linking to that pathetic 1/5 opinion piece by Fareed Zakaria trying to tie liberals to the fake populism of the extreme right.

    Because Zakaria showed his true colors by painting Brazil as a both sides problem, with Lula being the left wing counterpart to Bolsonaro.

    Lula never tried to stage a coup. Lula follows the rule of law. Zakaria is a dead wrong propagandist who stupidly tried to turn DC against Lula with a ridiculous fake equivalency, and events bit Zakaria in the butt, the same way Russ Douthat’s idiotic, condescending claim two months before 1/6 that Trump would never launch a coup eventually  bit him.

  2. Cross-country skied yesterday and today in decent-to-tough conditions. Very happy we got out there and after it, but I’m already sore, and tomorrow will assuredly be worse.

  3. I made veggie soup today too.  Daughter wasn’t feeling well.  Now I’m making a veggie chili & a separate turkey chili.  Watched lots of  sports today.

  4. I had a lovely evening with the ladies in my neighborhood doing a post-holiday catch up! And I may have put tater tots in the fryer, so yeah, that was good!

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