Sunday Night [NOT 14/3/21]

I thought about trying to make this cute because it’s Pi Day, but I just don’t care that much.

It’s already Sunday night and I don’t wanna work tomorrow.

How’s your weekend going? Get stuff accompished that needed to happen? Get rest? Have decent weather?



  1. Weather was decent enough yesterday for me to get the blueberries pruned–which will be the subject of this Saturday’s Dirty Business.  Also made a batch of carne adovada, which will grace the FYCE pages at some point in the future.


    Today’s weather sucks a big fat ass, so I did our taxes instead.

  2. Hah! Weather is great here, but I also did our taxes. Which pissed me off, because TurboTax’s new cloud-based system wouldn’t upload my information from last year and I had to type things in by hand like a Neanderthal. Might as well inscribe returns on stone tablets. 
    Of course, I bitched incessantly, even though I can vividly remember sitting down with paper forms and a calculator and doing all this shit by hand, looking up stuff in the tax booklet. Sometimes it took days (as a poor I frequently held up to three jobs simultaneously), and now I get pissed if I have to type things in and it takes 40 minutes instead of 30. 

    • I consider myself generally good at following instructions, but the state of Missouri’s tax forms are so weirdly written that I just use Jackson Hewitt’s online service. I can do a 1040 easily enough, but the last time I tried to do Missouri’s form on my own I was like “this line literally contradicts that what it says a few lines up?????!!!”

    • I download one of their client software packages because Mrs Butcher works in another state. But this year getting to the download page was a giant pain in the ass. It kept wanting to direct me to the online system which is not what I wanted or what I paid for. Once I found the download page, I was able to do the taxes in record time. 

      • SAME. Could not find the download page to just download the software. I swear to God I saw it once but then couldn’t navigate back to it. I finally just gave up, did the online form, and then paid for mine at the end. Which is of course what they want you to do. 

        • I had already purchased the client version in November so no way was I going to pay for the fucking online version.  So, I had to log into, then–in 2-point font in the lower-left corner–I clicked on Intuit Account.  Then, I clicked on Products and Billing, which took me to a page which was just a list of all the versions I’d purchased in the past.  Then I had to click on that list which took me to another page which showed the list AGAIN, but also included two options for Go To TurboTax and Manage My TurboTax.  So, of course, I clicked on Go To like an idiot which took me right back to that fucking online form again.  So, I had to go back and click on Manage, click through the pop up, and I was FINALLY at my account.  THEN I clicked on Downloads and was able to access it.

          There ain’t no way these fuckers didn’t know what they were doing when they turned a one or two click process into a Dante-like journey.

          • Oh, I know. You could’ve heard me screaming curses in Jacksonville. I got to the product page, but my last purchase was the 2019 software, so I literally could not progress beyond that point. Nothing to click back to except old returns. 

      • Yeah they love their default settings and fine print. I’ve been using them for years and I still have to stop whenever I have to make a choice because invariably it turns out the default will cost another $25. I would love for us to go with the postcard tax form so I don’t have to use the software anymore, but it’ll never happen. 

      • I’ve been using something called Free File Fillable Forms for about a decade now.  It’s pretty basic, no-frills, just online versions of the tax forms that you fill in the numbers, and it lets you e-file.  It’s free for under some amount, I don’t know what it is, because I’m nowhere close to it.  No clue how much it costs over that.  Also, my taxes are pretty basic, no property, no investments, etc., just income from my job and a deduction for student loan interest.

    • Nice! I did most of my outdoor work last weekend. I haven’t done the prep work yet for the summer veggies because since I can’t plant those for several weeks I didn’t see a reason to prep those beds yet. 

  3. Big thanks to you and your cheat empanada tip, because I made those tonight. For a first attempt, they were pretty tasty, though I definitely have notes for next time – I underfilled them and left too much air inside.
    All the frozen pie crusts at the grocery store had lard (PSA for other vegetarians – that’s pretty typical), so I had to go with the Goya empanada discos even though I try to avoid Goya these days. Made most of them with caramelized onion and aged gouda, and they tasted awesome. Did a few corn ones too which were also nice. 

  4. It might snow/sleet here overnight, which is bullshit. It was in the 60s last week. I hope everyone who was at my local, unmasked rally to demand full time in person schooling be resumed had a shirty cold windy time.

  5. Yesterday was great weather, worked on greenhouse & other crazy wife project.  Today, almost finished framing a deck in pouring rain before coming home to have to make dinner.  I’m exhausted, watch some basketball & bond w/ my kegerator.  Also, watching crazy flooding going on back home.  We go in 2 weeks, hope shit gets back to normal quick.  

  6. its been rainy and windy all weekend here…which suited me fine as i really didnt need to go anywhere…just playing vidya games and reading all weekend
    and sleeping remarkably well…tho.. my daughter came back home yesterday and suddenly im waking up 3 times in a night again
    could it be that theres some connection there?
    oh wait…i know…its coz she waits till i go to bed to sneak downstairs and play games on the pc and raid the fridge
    unfortunately she sneaks like a drunk hippo

  7. My head shop sweater is coming along very nicely, much progress was made over the weekend. The yoke is done, the sleeves split off from the body and now a long expanse of plain knitting which should go fast. Since none of the directions I found for yoke shaping made any sense I just made something up, when I held my copy up to the original it matched perfectly, gauge is spot on, whew.
    Binge watched The Oldenheim 12 and really enjoyed it, sorry farscy, Dutch TV rocks.
    Found the time to make soup, rice and steam some vegetables.

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