Sunday Not Funday [NOT 22/8/21]

Tired after a long weekend, just like me

Hi, friends!

How’s your week looking to be? Do you feel like you got a lot of stuff done this weekend or is Sunday night a mad scramble to get things ready?

I got all my crowder peas shelled yesterday and tonight I’ll get them bagged up for freezing. Did I mention I also bought 3 lbs of lima beans at the market too, and needed to shell those as well? Yeah, I did that this morning so I can get them stewed up. I was going to make succotash again but I have that delicious red sauce so it might be used for those over some rice instead.

Anyone doing fall plantings in the garden? I’ve got a tomato plant that’s about done at this point and my green beans are getting so chewed up by something that I probably will tear them out. I could repurpose those 2 planters for lettuce or spinach, not sure which yet. I have had luck growing kale in the past, which I love, but the fucking squirrels at the kale off the plant.



  1. It was nasty hot today so I blew off the farmers market. I’ll go to the Monday one tomorrow. It’s not as big. But it’s also much less crowded. I need lots of fruit and veggies for salads since I don’t intend to run the oven for the rest of the week.

    • I haven’t seen it, and while I feel that a lot of progress has been made in LGBT rights and acceptance, I also feel like we’ve really backslid in regards to racial issues.  Or maybe I’m just more aware of it now…

      • Honestly, I kinda feel like it’s much more of a “both/and” as opposed to an “either/or”, with the race stuff…
        Like it’s ALWAYS been a problem, and never *actually* got fixed, AND it’s also a lot more blatant, evil, and worse than it’s been in decades, because the nazis/NeoNazis are SO much more willing to come out in the open & try to recruit others to their side.

  2. Although I basically got the things done that I expected to…I still feel like I missed almost an entire day’s worth of shit that still needs to get done.  I need to make salsa, soup, eggplant parm, and probably red sauce as well.  Definitely need to pickle more jalapeños.  It’s a good thing I’m off this coming Friday, but that’s most of the week away and I need time sooner rather than later.

  3. just 5 days to go till i have 2 weeks off 🙂
    also….i still have the zoomies….kinda figured id have burnt out by now
    oh hey…i have leftover curry for breakfast
    fucking sweet!

  4. I cleaned the garage, and in the process of doing so I got a bunch of other minor tasks done as well. So very happy about that, but my back and hips are unhappy at the moment and will be requesting a day or two off.

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