Sunday Sunday Sunday [NOT 8/5/22]

Hi, friends!

I hope your weekend went well. Mine was good, I got a lot of yard work done.

I’m writing this early in the day, and I’m about to make a rhubarb coffee cake. It’s one of the three things I feel like I bake that’s actually delicious.

So, folks, brag to me about something you do exceptionally well. I’m a mediocre baker, at best. I can follow a tollhouse chocolate chip recipe or make a decent box cake mix. Don’t expect the icing job to look good, though.

But that rhubarb coffee cake? That sucker is fucking amazing. I think it’s because of how tart the rhubarb is to start with.



  1. im really good at staying up well past my bedtime

    for example its 1:21 am right now

    and i need to be up at 5

    i dont know how i keep this shit up…..voluntarily

    but i do!

    anyways…g’nite all of yous..i dont think i want to push this any further

      • thank you i did!



        somehow in the time i had i still managed to wake up over an hour before my alarm clock went off

        at least i checked the time before making breakfast this time

        anyways…had about 4 hours of slept well and thats enough for me 🙂

        (edit cant count…it was 3 hours…lol)

  2. I’m a dilettante.  I don’t do anything exceptionally well, but I do most things pretty decent.  Some even better than that.  I wish I had the focus and willingness to sacrifice that it takes to excel at something.


  3. I bathed our new foster dog yesterday. He had a lot of weird bits in his coat which seem to be all gone now and the odd gummy feel to his coat is gone too. He’s free of that essence of pound.


  4. Well, I got my monthly performance report from the job last week, and for the first time I actually beat the group average — albeit by less than half a point. So, I guess I’m good at my job, which probably tends to be a good thing.

  5. I got another article published under my CEO’s byline. This makes two now. It’s slightly annoying because technically someone else is getting credit for my work, but that’s the job they pay me for. On the positive side:

    1. She’s incredibly appreciative and says so, most particularly to my boss, so that’s good. He loves me.

    2. Nobody thinks CEOs write their own copy, so it’s going in my portfolio. She’s actually a pretty good writer, but everyone will believe I wrote it.

    3. They think I’m fabulous because I can write and I understand accounting. Secret: Accounting ain’t that hard.

  6. I’m the best auntie.

    I got a text from one of my godson’s that said “Happy Mother’s Day you always treated us like your own. We appreciate it and always being there for my mom”

    Is someone chopping onions in here?

  7. The things I’m doing exceptionally well lately are:

    Procrastinate, have existential dread, get distracted, and have tons of anxiety!

    Not sure if that was quite what you’re lookin’ for, but I am ACING all of those right now!🙃

    The folks around me who aren’t me, have been doing a great job of telling me that I’m not the failure I’m feeling like I am, so often, right now…

    It’s mostly just stress over Dad’s stuff–getting the apartment empty, and the rest of everything here sorted through, packed up, and moved out. (My bestie is coming next Saturday to keep me company, and a cousin on Sunday, so I *should* get through most of the stuff next week, and then can fiiiiinally pack it all up.

    It’s just that, between all *this,* and Lil needing another Urgent-Care Vet visit for getting another UTI, and having to put two tires on Dad’s van… it’s been a bit of a lot…

    And I still need to find a summer job, on top of everything…

    So dread, anxiety, stressing out, and Procrastinating are what I’m rocking at, right now.

    Although–at work with the kids, I did have a great week this past week–as crazy as life outside work has been, life at work has been full of focus, and I managed to get lots done on the morning I wasn’t needed in a classroom (sorting, putting supplies away, etc.), and my time with kids in various classrooms was somehow as inversely *focused* as my life outside work has been completely *scattered*… good days with my kiddos, and pulling lots of solid skills out of them, too😉😁💖💫

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