Sunsetting, Dipshit President Said the Quiet Part Loud Again, Admits More People Voting Is Bad for Republicans

I can't be bothered to Google another picture of this big dumb jerk anymore.

I don’t begrudge anyone for not keeping track with Trump’s every word of interview, given that he gives so fucking many of them nowadays and all of them flood TV screens with copious amounts of bullshit. But nevertheless, our rapidly sunsetting alleged President Papaya Pol Pot is still out here, still saying dumb shit. This time, the dumb shit was actually him straight up admitting the truth, completely on accident; the more people who vote in elections, the more likely it is that the Democrats will win.

During an interview on The Donald Trump Ego Stroking Hour starring Two Mediocre White Men Who Are Still Employed Despite Being Shit and a Blond White Woman Who Will Replaced and Probably Sue Fox in a Couple Years, (also known as Fox and Friends), Trump was doing his grumpy, senile grandpa thing, where he rambles on and on until he says some shit that reveals what a piece of shit he is.

From the Washington Post:

“The things they had in there were crazy,” Trump said. “They had things — levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

The Democrats originally tried to set provisions into the coronavirus stimulus bill that would’ve compelled states to send mail-in ballots to everyone in the state if (and really when) the national emergency surrounding the coronavirus were still going on in the fall (which it probably will be). Republicans killed those concessions dead in their tracks, arguing “something something state rights something something we’d lose if we made voting easier”.

Trump isn’t the only Republican to admit that voter ID laws and restricting access to voting helps Republicans. He is, however, the most prominent politician to do it, given that he’s, ya know…the fuckin’ President. I argued that the mask for Trump is slipping, and the amount of stress put on his feeble mind was only gonna make his gaffes and slip ups more obvious.

The fact that all (points in a bunch of different directions) this is happening during an election year only benefits Trump, especially given that (once again) media and news outlets are frequently airing his horseshit unfiltered and edited. The time to expand early voting and mail-in balloting was weeks ago, and Lord knows no Republican was gonna go for that. And given Joe Biden’s MIA routine and his frequent inability to just shut the fuck up and let Trump fuck this up on his own (way to go on that Medicare-for-All answer in the middle of a global health crisis, Joe, can’t see how that’s gonna make any progressive dealing with this shit feel any better), this whole thing is only helping Trump’s re-election chances.

American politicians have done a great job of telling and making American citizens feel like voting is a pointless endeavor and that their vote is worthless. Trump’s minor gaffe (that, please, please, please let someone follow up on) reveals the truth that conservatives have been wanting to silence forever; votes do matter, and are very dangerous to shitty politicians. I don’t know how how one gets that message out there in a post-COVID-19 society, but the simple fact that assholes like Trump and his cabal of complicit ass-kissing governors are in position of power and are more than willing to let folks die should be enough to wake people up to that fact, however we end up voting.

It should, but only time will tell if ultimately does.

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  1. The Republicans have known this at least since the 80’s it’s just that most of them are smart enough not to say it in public. Paul Weyrich, co-founder of those lovely people at the Heritage Foundation was just stupid (or pompous) enough to spill the beans.

  2. Yes. It’s been pretty widely noted that voter turnout increased substantially in the midterm elections, and that tends to suggest it will be high in November. The majority of additional turnout voted for Democratic candidates (so Democrats re-took the House of Representatives). Republicans are acutely aware of this, and are going to pull ANY shit they can pull to suppress votes.

    What does high voter turnout tell us about the 2020 elections?

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