Super Doppler [NOT 16/7/21]

There's a warm wind blowing

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It has been hot and humid in our neck of the woods this week. I am looking forward to a weekend of AC and Ellie Cocktails™. Ellie works from home with the AC and I work for a manufacturing company with no air conditioning. It is always a fun challenge to get the temperature suitable for both of us when I get home. I prefer a freezer cold temp. I’ve been reading about the wild weather from the floods in Germany to the fires out west. What has the weather been like for you. If it isn’t obvious I have officially become old. Next week we can talk about the medication keeping us alive.



  1. bland here….perfect t shirt weather imo
    havent worn a coat or a sweater for at least 2 months
    *arent you cold* as asked at work frequently
    i fucking live here….and back in my day…shit fucking froze
    im only wearing a shirt coz its too fucking warm for a sweater
    goddamn noobies!

  2. I was watching news footage last night and the flooding in Germany and Belgium is truly insane. I thought the flooding here was bad, but nope.
    We got water in our basement, the first basement either of us has ever had without a sump pump. When we moved in, we said to people that it felt weird not to have a pump and people were like no, no, normal basements don’t flood, you’ve just lived in bad places. Welp, guess who was right. We’ve done a better job diverting gutter water away from the house but we’re debating installing a pump. 

    • I know in other places it’s normal, but whenever people in the St. Louis area have finished basements I’m like wwwwhhhyyyyy are you tempting fate like that even if you have a sump pump already. 

      • It really does feel like tempting fate. The basement in this house is half finished, but there was a mold problem down there when we bought, and the mold people we brought in were like “tear out these rugs and never put new rugs down.” So clearly there has been a moisture problem in the past, if not outright flooding. We’ve done lots of work to fix the moisture issue… And now it flooded. Granted, this flooding seems to have been through a crack by the bulkhead, which is obviously a weird situation because we got such intense rain. In our past houses it’s been up through cracks in the concrete floor or through gaps between fieldstones.
        In any case, we caught the water early enough that we were able to shop vac it out and it didn’t damage anything of worth, so we’re doing alright so far. More flash flood warnings in the next few days though, so we’ll have to keep a close eye. 

  3. I’ve been walking a few miles almost every day since the beginning of the year. The steady incremental exposure to the outdoors from winter to spring to summer has meant I’ve been less bothered by the current heat and humidity of any year I can remember.
    I obviously should have started this years ago.

    • I have a friend that used to live in Breckenridge, Colorado. When he’d get sick of the cold and snow he’d drive to New Mexico and lay in the desert.

  4. We have had great weather since our crazy heat event.  Today was overcast & 50s to 70.  Going to a lake near the coast tomorrow for 4 days of paddle boarding & kayaking.  Should be fun if the wife doesn’t kill me or kids rebel w/ lack of wifi.  

  5. It’s been pretty nice here.  Cool and foggy in the mornings, and then it burns off by 8am and gets real warm, but livable.  Surprisingly like the Central Coast of California, even though I’m on the other side of the country.  I’m in kind of a sweet spot, where it’s far enough South not to have bad winters, but high enough in elevation where summers don’t get too hot.Tonight there were more fireflies out than I’ve ever seen before.  

  6. Humidity is my nemesis. In fact “The Humidity” would be an excellent supervillain name. (pauses to look at 10-weather forecast) Yup, humidity of 68 to 86 over that period with only one day of rain. Sure makes the air thick and soupy.

    I very rarely turn on my ac. But i had my hvac guy come out last week for yrly maintenance. Everything was good, however my neighbor was coincidentally having her unit replaced because mice chewed it to death. I asked my guy about it and he said mice are attracted to the hum and heat of the fan. Neighbor is the type to run hers all summer unrelenting so my guess is that’s why they picked hers over mine even tho they’re next to each other. Hvac guy said I can smash some mothballs into the top to repell them, it won’t hurt anything inside and I won’t smell it. 

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