Super Exciting Saturday! [DOT 9/4/22]

Guess why? Because my new washer and dryer are coming today. Replacing 40 year old Maytags. They had a good run, but the dryer shakes the whole house now.

They are supposed to be here between 8-12, so you know if I’m not up at 8AM that’s when they will arrive. Bets on when they actually show up?

Just nine?

Nine ways Russia botched its invasion of Ukraine

Junior’s got a real genius brain there .

CNN Exclusive: ‘We control them all’: Donald Trump Jr. texted Meadows ideas for overturning 2020 election before it was called

Ah yes, let’s bully less than 1% of the population. Assholes.

Alabama governor signs two anti-transgender bills into law

This was actually yesterday, but it’s a classic so I had to share.

LOL wut? He’s gotta be doing it in reverse, right?

Have a great day!

What else you got for me?

Don’t forget to save your hot taeks on movies, music, and reading for Brain Drain, coming up next.



  1. I called a lot of that based on what I’ve read and seen about the Russian military based on publically available material. Not that it makes me a military expert or anything. Far from it.

    Can I have a Russian General’s uniform and Marshall Baton now?

    I can’t do any worse than Pootin’s generals. But I’d rather not.

    Also, no more Seinfeld era Ukraine is weak jokes from me.

    • Kenmore appliances (when they were the Sears brand; I think they’re their own thing now)  used to be famous for their longevity. The one my parents had came with the house when they bought it in 1962 and when my mother died in 2001 it was still working well so we gave it to the people who bought the house, and they were grateful for it. Meanwhile we’ve had to replace our dryer three times in 12 years. None of them are Kenmores because they’re a very particular kind of ventless stackable and Kenmore doesn’t make ones to fit the specs.

  2. The guy in the video looks like one of those uncannily human robots that are freaking everyone out. Netflix and the people behind “That Crown” are in early talks to make a prequel! Well, a series of prequels, 3 to 5 seasons, that will (allegedly) take us from the death of Queen Victoria up to QEII’s marriage in 1947. This will all take years of course to come to fruition, but if offers some hope (to me at least) as these awful 2020s grind on:

    Then this morning I visited my old home away from home, The Takeout, and read this:

    I remembered most of these campaigns (what was Starbucks thinking) but I didn’t know about the Chipotle one. When I got to ¿Homo estás? I burst out laughing and let out a loud, “Oh God, no,” which woke the Faithful Hound from his slumber and caused us to hit the road even earlier than usual this morning.

  3. They won’t deliver ’em and say they did.

    Hell, that’s what happened with the electricity adapter/converter I’d bought on eBay late last month, only to discover that the tracking number led to . . . this:

    Of course, after three days of repeated insistence in awkward English (calling me “dear” and wishing me “a happy life”) and no documentation whatsoever to back up their claim, they swiftly refunded my money last night once I mentioned that I’d be getting eBay involved.

  4. Bullying 1% of the population is the actual point of bullying. Bullies don’t select victims who are in a position to fight back. It’s always been that way. That’s why Republicans are terrified of “white replacement.” They assume that the groups that replace them will be just as abusive to white people as they are.

    Yes, assholes.

  5. It’s low on the nine reasons list, but the fact that the Russian army has no non-commissioned officers is one of their bigger issues, and it would be a fascinating study if children weren’t being murdered. Most of the other reasons stem from this fact.

    NCOs are the backbone of other militaries. Those are the people who are with troops, and who execute instructions and adjust tactics on the fly. Think sergeants. Or a business analogy would be middle management. The Russian army functions like a Pop Warner football team without a coach. They get told to achieve a certain objective, and that’s it. Nobody tells them how to do it. So you get a bizarre mishmash of tactics that vary from unit to unit. Much like a bunch of little kids running around aimlessly on a t-ball team. And the Ukrainians suffer from no such confusion.

    Russia relies on conscript soldiers, who theoretically serve a tour and then are out. So the rank-and-file are complete amateurs, and there’s nobody available to teach them anything. But Russia likes it that way — they want soldiers who just follow orders, not soldiers who think.

    That’s also why generals keep getting killed. Moscow sends them out to take control, and they have to get close to the fighting, and Ukrainians take them out.

    It’s also why Russia is facing issues with its conscription right now. Russians are saying, hold up, I’m not signing up for that.


    • Had similar problem at work as the senior techs left leaving only juniors to run things. Some are smart/experienced but many are one not both.


      Middle management can’t help because most of them never worked on the floor except as a supervisor.

      Takes 3-6 months to train someone and another 3-6 months for them to gain enough experience to be useful.

      Throw in another 1 or 2 years of work to get good.

      Most of the problems where I am stem from the deep ignorance of managers and or their arrogance.

      They don’t like techs who think or who have actual tech skills or leadership because they see them as a threat to their superiority/authority.

      Shit… I just realized I work for the corporate answer to the Russian Army.

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