Super NOT! [NOT 7/2/21]

image of cute owl with text "superb owl Sunday"

Hi friends! Happy Superb Owl Sunday!

I watched the puppy bowl today earlier and it was lovely. Soooo much fun watching puppies gambol about.

I’m such a cryer I happy cried a bunch, too.

Side note – I think it’s the only time you can watch 3 hours of Animal Planet and not see one of the ASPCA or Humane Society commercials.

Anyhoo, if anyone wants to do live commentary on the big game or the commercials, etc, knock yourselves out below.



  1. I’ll check scores to see how things are going, but I’m not even a borderline footbawl fan these days.  I guess watching guys get their brains beaten to a pulp isn’t something I enjoy anymore (same applies to hockey and I used to enjoy that.)

    • Clock management idiot called a timeout on 3rd and two in an attempt to get the ball back before the end of the half which  panned out exactly as everyone but Andy Reid knew it would and the refs, who are likely cheering for Brady, gave the Bucs a TD with two pass interference penalties on uncatchable balls…other than that you’re not missing much.

    • Yeah when the marching band* dudes came out I was like “oh goody the escaped plastic surgery patients are out on the field, this is more entertaining now” you know it’s bad

      *I realize they did not have instruments but the way they navigated the field says they spent a lot of years counting steps in marching band

  2. I saw the commercial for the puppy bowl that said it was on Discovery+ so I just assumed it wasn’t watchable anymore without a subscription. Kinda annoyed now that I missed it?

  3. Wow that Jeep commercial with Bruce Springsteen was fucking stupid

    “here’s this place right in the middle where people can meet in the middle” — but only if you’re in the continental 48, otherwise you don’t count

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