Superb Owl Sunday [DOT 13/2/22]

Who are you rooting for tonight in the Sprots Thing?!

So it’s really late for me to write up the DOT; it’s currently after 1AM which is way past my bedtime. My friend brought her new Frenchie over and I couldn’t help but snuggle him. But now I’m breaking out in hives and took two Benadryl.

I’ll pull something together but no promises…

Some articles:

Russia’s military move into Belarus poses risks to more than Ukraine

Protests grow across Canada as police struggle to reopen key bridge

I hope Rand Paul’s neighbor is doing great.
Rand Paul said he hopes trucker protests ‘clog up cities,’ including during Super Bowl and in DC

Some good tweets:

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  1. I have some Bon Jovi news for anyone interested:

    In the photos there’s one taken from a balcony. The wide street you’re looking down at is Seventh Avenue, and the unit faces south.

    East of Casa Bon Jovi there’s more news. Did you know Mrs. Chuck Schumer has a job? She’s had several over the decades, actually, high-powered municipal positions. Now Iris Weinshall is COO of the New York Public Library System. How is that little sprinkler project over in the East Village going?

    Thirteen years to sprinkler a small, two-story building. The blink of an eye to the vast NYC bureaucracy maw. When we had our bathrooms redone (which went smoothly and quickly) I used to say, “Imagine if this were a city project. It would take a minimum of seven years and cost several million dollars.”

      • Apparently he’s quite the local real estate investor. Before this apartment he had one very close by that he sold at a loss “because he wanted to get out of the building” and he has yet another big apartment in SoHo that he’s had on the market for a long time but I don’t think it’s sold yet.

        I bet any trace of JBJ has been removed to storage and this is lowest-common-denominator staging by the realty company.

    • apparently now they are refusing to leave the parking lot they are being held hostage in….

      i think they are having a hissy fit coz the cops wont let them drive their trucks to the main protest in the center of the hague…lol

      hmm..dutch flags, frysian flags couple canadian ones…that red one with the white circle looks like something far right…no idea what the red green and blue one is….

  2. I need some help from our Canadian friends so I can understand why the authorities are having such a hard time with breaking this shit up. Negotiations? Agreeing to having one lane open? Taking a fucking WEEK to do anything? Why aren’t they just clubbing these fuckers and breaking it up? All this fucking handwringing is why this bullshit has spread to other countries. If they’d shut it down immediately it would have been a blip.

    • Maybe they’ll get American help. The Ambassador Bridge is still closed as far as I know. It connects Detroit to Windsor, ON. It’s screwing with the automotive industry, mostly on the American side, so maybe it’ll only be a matter of time before we revisit the War of 1812 and try to occupy Windsor.

    • Division of powers between provinces and feds. Feds can not just move in as policing is a Provincial power not to be infringed upon.

      The premiers where demonstrations are happening are run by Tory Premiers. They let it happen because it makes Trudeau look bad. However, when it fucks with money then they look bad which is why the Tories did a 180 flat spin twist from last week going from support to “get the fuck off mah lawn.”

      Political pundits keep referring to the FLQ crisis of 1970 where Quebec terrorists kidnapped and killed several high ranking pols and a Brit High Comissioner. It took the pleas of the Montreal mayor and the Que Premier for Trudeau Sr. to act. A lot of people bitched about it for a long time.

      Trudeau Jr has no other options than wait for someone to call.

      The Tories are up to their necks in complicity with this. Ontario, Sask and Alberta.

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