Sure Seems Like Myles Garrett Should Be Suspended For Hitting Mason Rudolph with His Own Helmet

There’s not really a funny way to put this; Myles Garrett is gonna get suspended, and he should be suspended after he instigated a fight with Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Garrett is totally in the wrong here; first, he tackles Rudolph way after the play is over. Then, he refuses to let go of Rudolph and tries to rip his helmet off after the play already dead, despite two Steelers lineman and a ref trying to pry him off. Rudolph, understandably pissed, shoved Garrett, at which point Garrett smacks Rudolph in the head with a helmet.

It’s also kind of hard to fault Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey from beating the shit out of Garrett after that.

So yeah, we tend to be pretty player positive here, but Garrett is completely in the fucking wrong here, and he should be suspended for a shitton of games. At least the rest of the season, and for the playoffs in the unlikely event the Browns make the playoffs. Head injuries are no fucking joke, especially after Mason Rudolph was knocked out of a game earlier in the season with one of the scariest concussions in recent memory.

Even when the Browns win, they lose.

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  1. And that’s not even factoring that Dionte Johnson AND Juju Smith-Schuster got knocked out of the game with head-hunting concussions. At this point, the Steelers may need to wrap Vance McDonald and James Washington in bubble wrap for the next game.

  2. Vontaze Burfict seemed to be this dude’s role model. The NYT just reported he’s been suspended indefinitely, as he should. Watching that game was a chore – penalty after penalty, and the Steelers roster decimated by injuries. The last guy to leave the field was concussed and bleeding out of his ear. Not that the Browns need it, but after last night’s Carnage I’ll be actively rooting against them.

  3. The hit was not late. After he wrapped Rudolph, he had no way of knowing Rudolph released the ball. Once he brings Rudolph to the ground (he did not slam Rudolph, he pulled Rudolph on top of him) Rudolph starts tugging at his helmet, pulling his head (if Rudolph was trying to get Garrett off of him, he would have been pushing). Garrett then grabs Rudolph’s facemask, and Rudolph proceeds to UPKICK GARRETT IN THE BALLS WITH HIS CLEAT. Then Garrett rips Rudolph’s helmet off, and starts walking away. Rudolph then starts sprinting at Garrett, grabbing at his shoulder pads and shit, with not one but two linemen paying all their attention to Garrett and none to keeping their quarterback away from Garrett, and Garrett smacks Rudolph over the head with Rudolph’s helmet. If Garrett deserves a season-long ban, so does Rudolph.

    • So, just so we’re clear: Rudolph got rid of the ball before Garrett made contact. As Garrett continued to wrestle Rudolph to the ground, Rudolph had both hands on Garrett to stabilize himself – which meant he had the ball in zero hands. And Rudolph wasn’t exactly trying to escape; he was just resisting being dragged down.
      All of that being said, nothing that you listed justifies taking a 6-pound helmet and throwing an overhand haymaker with it at someone’s dome. Who gives a shit that Rudolph was coming at him? Garrett outweighs Rudolph by over 40 pounds. Fuck – I outweigh my wife by at least 40 pounds. She could try to kick me in the balls, and it still doesn’t make it right to pick up a kid’s bowling ball and clock her in the head with it. Are you trying to defend aggravated assault? You’re in pretty rare company.
      Rudolph could have called him the N-word. Could have called his mom a whore. None of that justifies swinging a helmet at someone’s head with malicious intent.

    • He has no way of knowing Rudolph doesn’t have the ball…except that Rudolph is trying to push him off with both hands. I know that Rudolph’s third arm is well known around the league, but he doesn’t tend to throw with it.

      • There are these things called shoulder pads that were between Rudolph’s hands and Garrett’s body. For all Garrett knows, Rudolph could have tucked the ball and that could’ve been his elbow pushing on Garrett’s pads.

  4. None of what Garrett did justifies a cleat to the balls, either. “as Garrett continued to wrestle Rudolph to the ground, Rudolph had both hands on Garrett to stabilize himself… and Rudolph wasn’t exactly trying to escape; he was just resisting being dragged down” Breeland Speaks didnt sack Tom Brady and instead let him score a touchdown because he thought Tom Brady had passed the ball. All of his senses told him Brady passed it, so he let Brady go to avoid a roughing penalty. After they go to the ground, Garrett seems like he’s trying to get up, but Rudolph starts pulling (not pushing) at Garrett’s helmet. Why would Rudolph pull on Garrett’s helmet? You don’t pull on someone if you want them to get off of you. So Garrett grabs Rudolph’s helmet in return. Then Rudolph UPKICKS GARRETT IN THE BALLS WITH A SPIKED CLEAT. After that, Garrett rips off Rudolph’s helmet. Again, if Garrett deserves a season long suspension, so does Rudolph. I’m not arguing over whether or not Garrett should be suspended, I’m arguing that if he should be suspended, then Rudolph should be suspended for the same number of games. If Garrett was looking to hurt Rudolph from the start, why didnt he just James Harrison his ass? Why did he even bother to wrap Rudolph up? I would like to reiterate, I am NOT saying Garrett did nothing wrong, I am saying that Rudolph did just as much wrong.

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