Surprised [NOT 3/2/22]

image of brownie a la mode and a carafe of milk

Hi, friends!

Well, the snow that yesterday I was like “this is some bullshit, we won’t see that much snow…” hahahah it’s at about 9 inches of snow at my house and still lightly snowing.

Anyways, I made brownies this morning to motivate myself to shovel.

Check in if you have shitty weather, please. A massive area is getting shitty weather today.

Also, it’s almost Friday. So congrats on making it this far and we’re almost to the weekend.



  1. Mmmmmm brownies 🤎🤎🤎 perfect motivation for shoveling snow.

    • I mean, I’ll make any reason to have brownies. But this one felt solid since you know I’ll be burning calories shoveling the 8-9 inches of snow on the sidewalk and driveway.

      Full disclosure, I got the sidewalk cleared because folks are out and about. I did not bother with the driveway yet.

  2. Just rain. The combo of moisture and cold isn’t supposed to line up right for snow. But I just pulled apple cake out of the oven from a King Arthur Baking recipe. Pretty solid if you ask me.

    And Lemmy will be glad to know I’m sipping a local distillery’s rye which is very solid. I’m terrible at picking out flavors, but I think I can even pick out rye bread in this one.


    • Yum cake!!!

      Glad it’s just rain and no tornados.

  3. shoveling is hard work, you earned those brownies.
    We’ve got mixed precip for the next 7 or 8 hours. Temps are just below freezing and dropping. Snow is supposed to start around 3 or 4. About 20, ooo people in the western part of the state have lost power.
    I didn’t bake anything but I have slices of poppyseed cake in the freezer. Maybe I’ll get a few out. And if I don’t lose power I think I’ll bake a peach bread to celebrate.

    • I just hope there are no drug tests in your near future.

      • Nope!

  4. We got snow last night, but it wasn’t as bad as feared.  However, it was rather slushy so it made for a slow commute to work.

    Only snag was getting into the parking lot as the upwards slope to the parking gate was rather icy and I couldn’t get moving on up.

    I ended up parking in the engineering building instead rather than be the first person to break the new security gate (we had a small betting pool on who would have been the first).

    • Did someone hit it? Did you win the bet???

      • Still no “winner.”  No reward except bragging rights and a can of coke. My pick is still this one guy from the lab who rarely watches where he’s going because he’s always looking for a parking spot close.  I’ve nearly hit him several times over the years because he’s never looking or trying to dive into a parking spot I’m trying to leave.  I’m one of many so that’s why everyone on the manufacturing side knows him as a variation of “old lousy driver lab guy.”



  5. I’m currently waiting on brownies to bake because I decided they were what I wanted instead of dinner. Must be that kind of night.

    Last night dumped a nice coating of ice on everything along with some impressive wind and thunder and lightning. And then it lightly continued to rain ice pellets all day. So far everything is looking good and typical for a normal ice storm. Friday night will be the real test on the power grid.

    • I am a lazy baker and a lot of the appeal of brownies is I don’t have to worry about butter being the right temp, making a lot of messy dishes, needing a mixer, etc etc.

      • I’m the type of lazy baker with a brownie craving who has a box of brownie mix in the pantry and is eating a bag of Sour Patch Kids instead.

  6. My stupid brownie mix failed and they were dense and drenched in oil. I blotted them off and ate them anyway because I needed my warm fudgy chocolate fix. But harrumph!

    • Burn. Sucks when a craving satisfaction evades you like that.

  7. Surprisingly, the storm entirely passed us by up here. We just got BUTT cold again is all.

    Daytime high was around 2°F, and the current air temp (before windchill) is -1°…

    Supposed to stay cold through part/all of tomorrow, iirc, and then–if the weather reports i heard the other day hold up–we get back up into the 20°-30° range sometime this weekend.

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