Surprisingly Easy [NOT 7/7/22]

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Hi, friends!

How is your week going? We’re almost to Friday so that’s always a plus.

Anything happen recently that was surprisingly easy?

I’ve been dreading trying to get my oil changed. Which is stupid, because I have oil changes included in the car warranty from when I got my car a few years back.

But! The stupid Ford dealership I used to use for service went to shit when they pissed off their shop manager and he just up and got a job with a different dealership about 50 miles away. Basically, they asked him to step up and do his boss’s job when that person quit during covid (we’re all in this together! bullshit), and then once business volume returned to normal, he asked for a raise to reflect his additional responsibilities. With backpay. And the owners were dicks about it, so he found a different job. And the replacement shop manager just is a smarmy senior manager type who had to “make changes” because duh he knows best.

So used to be that they had Saturday hours from 8-2 and had a dedicated oil change person. So you could drop your car off and maybe you had to wait a bit, but it was usually an hour or less. Or if a weekend, I’d meet my mom there and we’d go shopping and grab early lunch then come back for the car.

Soooo, first they stopped the Saturday hours. Then they got rid of the dedicated oil change person. Then they refused to schedule oil changes so it was just “welp drop your car off and when we get to it, we get to it” — legit kept my parents’ car overnight waiting for availability for an oil change. To add insult to injury, despite me knowing they will drive the courtesy shuttle farther to the west of them (where wealthy white suburbs are), they told me that oh no my house is too far away for a courtesy shuttle. And I was like okay so I work 8-5 and you don’t have weekend hours, or a shuttle, or the capacity to schedule when I can get an oil change…. how am I supposed to coordinate basic car maintenance?

To which those assholes told me that I should just go to a different Ford dealership. So in my head, I was just like uhhhhh how much of a pain in the ass is this going to be? Is it worth the hassle? Are they just going to be as big of assholes as the other dealership??

I called the other dealership a few hours ago, got to a service person right away, said I needed an oil change, and the nice lady was like “sure we got an opening tomorrow at 4:45pm, does that work for you?”

SO. FUCKING. EASY. I was so pleasantly surprised. Sure I need to leave work a little early on a Friday… oh no, oh darn.



  1. The only time I ever really exploded on anyone publicly was at the local Honda dealership after they fucked me over with my (manual) transmission.  I know transmissions don’t die on a dime and these assholes let it die right after 96k check up and a mere 2 months after the warranty expired.

    I didn’t yell at the customer service guy. I didn’t even yell at his supervisor. I got the maintenance manager and exploded on him in the middle of the dealership in front of 20 or so customers (on a Sat.)  I let off a 5 minute profanity filled rant without letting the asshole get in a single word.  I was aware enough to jab my finger at him, but not jab it into him (assault.)

    By the time I was done, I had an audience of 40 people, all staring at me like I was crazy (I was… because this motherfucker cost me $3k of my fucking money.)

    After I was finished, I saw the customer service guy smirking at the maintenance manager who didn’t know what the fuck happened. I wasn’t sure if he was laughing at my histronics, but I didn’t care.

    Turns out, I don’t think the customer service guy was because several months later I was eating lunch with a friend and I saw that piece of shit there hanging out with two Tory fixers bragging how he increased the profits of the dealership maintenance dept since he took over. I fought the urge to stab him in the eye with a fork, but I left without doing so.

    They used to be the top selling Honda dealership. Not any more. A few years back they called me once to see if I would buy a car and told them politely to get fucked and I would rather go to one 30 km away because at least those guys won’t screw me on maintenance.

    • Those assholes!

      The former dealership strung me along for almost 2 years about a slipping transmission. It was “well we see what you’re saying but it’s not bad enough to have your warranty cover fixing it yet.”

      Finally it got bad enough in January that it started slipping on flat roads as well as hilly ones and I was like “get your mechanic in my fucking car and drive over to Tesson Ferry and you fucking have them go up and down that fucking road until they hit a stoplight and try to accelerate up a hill.” Yeah so turns out that was bad enough where they finally fixed it. Because you know… transmissions can just fix themselves and there totally was a valid reason to drag that out.

      My goal was those fuckers would fix it before I stopped going to them for any car maintenance.

    • Our Honda dealership screwed me too.  They told me I needed a service done & it would take 2 hours.  I left & came back 2.5 hours later & car was in same place I left it & nothing done.  I got mad & they said they would get right on it so I watched & they did service in about 10 mins & charged me for 2 hours labor.  I screamed it was bullshit & complained to owner & Honda USA.  Nobody did shit.  Since then, I found a local mechanic I trust, charges way less & knows me by name.  I take all my cars to him & he never scams me.

  2. When my wife and I bought our house we went with a real estate agent who worked for whatever the standard commission is. When you buy a house there is always advice to DIY a lot of it yourself in terms of finding your own title insurance or whatever, and then push the real estate agent to drop their fee.

    And if you have a crappy agent, I get it. There are a lot of them out there who can’t help you navigate any of the complications.

    But in this case, we had a good agent who was able to set up all of the details and arrange all of the parties in a way which was incredibly seamless. It might have cost us 0.05% more of the total mortgage costs, but it was totally worth it.

  3. I know very little about cars. When I was 19-21 I did my own oil changes. They were easy. I haven’t done one since but am thinking of starting to do them again. I’m still proud of myself for changing my own water pump in 2000 based off of a car mechanic book from the seventies. There was a belt, a thingy, and a couple other things involved that I vaguely remember doing but for some reason I’d be too intimidated to try now. It was easier than I thought at the time (but not easy from a seventies mechanic book in 2000).

    My rear driver side signal light has been out for a while and I’m thinking of utilising Youtube to change it myself because it’s over 40$ in Woodbridge and my cheaper than Woodbridge mechanic is an hour and a half away and is always booked solid because they’re so cheap. I’m hoping it is easy. It must be.


    • If it’s just the bulb, my strategy was always to go to an Autozone store in a low cut shirt and act so stupid about asking the guy at the counter to explain it to me that he just changed the bulb for me.

      I’m both not proud of that of that strategy and very proud of it.

        • Depending on the sort of vehicle you’re driving, TOTALLY GOOGLE THAT SHIT, @MyopicProphet!😉😁

          If your vehicle has a trunk, it’s probably reasonably easy to swap out the lights in the rear–i’ve done it in most of my vehicles over the years, and multiple times, with my Grand Prix (hole in one taillight, water gets in, bulb filament goes “POP!”🙃).

          Google/You Tube will tell ya how difficult it is, the time needed, AND give you step-by-step video, ‘cuz there are LOTS of great & friendly gearheads out there who like to work on automobiles!😉😁💖

        • We got some excellent news on the Peanut tonight!!!!😁😃🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

          His liver transplant went WELL!!!

          The Dr’s and his parents (my cousin and his wife) are saying that he’s 50% of the way to ok right now, officially!

          But unofficially, as his Dad’s “big cousin,” who’s worked with quite a few “medical kiddos,” and as someone whose background means knowing kids who’re a lot like the Peanut?

          The fact that he was able to be sewn up all the way post-transplant *already* (with the caveat that there *is* a possibility of swelling, and they *might* need to open him back up later, of course!), AND the following line from his mommy’s late-night update made my heart sing y’all!!!

          Reading 👇THAT👇 was the moment that I became *almost certain* this little nugget is gonna make it all the way through to the other side of this!🤗🤗🤗💖💫💝;

          “We have such a strong fighter. He even gave us a wave and gave knuckles. The nurses were not happy about it because he’s not supposed to be moving around so they increased his pain meds to help sedated him again,but it was comforting knowing he knows we are there.”

          ^THAT^ part, *specifically,* the waving & fist-bump?!?

          From a Child Life/Child Development standpoint?

          That is 100% GOLD, y’all!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

          Because he was cogent enough after a liver transplant(!!!), to Recognize his parents, WAVE at them, AND hold out his fist for “Nucks”!!!😁😄😃😃😃😃😃

          *Doing* ^THAT^ amount of movement pissed off his nurses, because 1. He’s not supposed to move right now, and 2. if he’s able to move THAT MUCH already, post-transplant?

          That new liver is working really WELL and is sooooooo very much better at filtering stuff from his blood, than his original liver EVER did, and his staff still isn’t *quite* keeping up with it yet!!!! (another EXCELLENT “quiet sign” that the transplant went near-flawlessly AND this new liver is incredibly strong & healthy!!!😉😃😁💝)

          Those “quiet signs” he’s exhibiting are SUCH excellent signs that the surgery went well. Those are the things that tell, that *as long as everything keeps healing well,* the Little Dude may just come through this with absolutely FLYING colors–sooooo much better than he was before–and better than any of us might have imagined or hoped he could!💖

          Like my “medical” 3’s,  4’s, & 5’s, he is one tough little cookie, and a FIERCE fighter–all the *exact* things his parents need him to be, over the course of the next few weeks.💝

          Fingers & toes are still crossed over here, of course!!! And tons of good thoughts & prayers are going out, too!💖💞💗💓💝💫

          But the fam got some EXCELLENT news and great GOOD happening with the Peanut over these last 48-ish hours, and we’re hoping the kiddo keeps on rolling along just as fabulously going forward!😉💖

        • I started doing my oil changes again. I had done them as a student and recent grad, but had given up when cars started having undershields (’90s?). Lo and behold, once you have the right tools (not expensive at all), they are easy to remove, and the oil filter is even easier to remove than in the old days.

          It takes me about an hour, but that’s because I am methodical after having made mistakes way back when. The lessons I learned have stuck with me, and I’ve not screwed up anything since resuming.

          I learned how to change my current car’s oil by watching 2 or 3 YouTube videos. Surely you will find something that helps with the bulb.

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