Surrounded by Morons [NOT 5/1/22]

my expression damn near everyday at work

Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday!

Did you hear that Missouri decided covid ended on Dec 31st? Governor HeeHaw ended the state of emergency that day.

It’s fine. We’re fine. Totally not problematic that the good hospital system in St Louis announced today effective immediately to cancel all elective procedures because they’re being overwhelmed again with covid patients.

St Louis County voted 4-3 on Tuesday to reinstate the mask policy. So naturally our state’s dickweed attorney general is suing the county to overturn the TYRANNY. Legit that motherfucker referred to it as covid tyranny in a tweet.

Anyways, how is your day going?

Work reinstated the indoor mask rule (some of us never stopped wearing the mask because of holiday superspreading season). Oh! And we got an email that someone on our floor tested positive but don’t worry everyone they interacted with was told.

But covid, man. Totes done here. Thing of the past.



  1. Ugh. People are way too lax about mask wearing just about everywhere, imho. I saw some random Tweet a couple of days ago that said “This is the point at which we went from Stop the Spread to Making Money Is More Important.” What? Hasn’t that been shift been occurring on and off since at least Easter 2020?

    Also: I just received an NYTimes alert about Jimmy Carter and panicked because…you know. While it didn’t say “died”, it ended with “dangerously fragile at home” and my stomach did a flip flop. And then I read on to see that he’s talking about free and fair elections being at risk in the U.S. Whelp. I’m glad he’s still alive and out there spreading the word, but oh did that worry me considering how many aged legends have left Earth in the past two weeks.

  2. Our Republican governor put the state’s commuter rail system into a death spiral a few years before Covid because trains = communism. Now the system is so underfunded that the few times I have to use it are nothing but delays and various bullshit. If the system ever does finally die for real I know he’ll do a jig on the grave.

    • Listen you keep that commie bullshit away from me, I am a proud Murrican and I had to google what a commuter rail system was because I didn’t know what you meant.

      Missouri has amazing public transportation, I’m sure you can infer from my previous sentence.

    • Our Republican governor is sending threating letters to healthcare facilities threatening fines for vaccine mandates. The reason is that the Feds are demanding that any healthcare facility that takes Medicare/Medicaid have a vaccine mandate. Most of them did it already. Now DeSantis is trying to spread freedom along with COVID by scaring the healthcare providers. Most attorneys are telling the healthcare facilities “Fuck DeSantis, do what the Feds say.” DeSantis is hysterical. “The notion of imposing mandates is insane,” says Governor Superspreader. “We live in a free state.”


  3. So happy to hear the pandemic is done!  I’ll have to tell my wife that the 80% positive results we got yesterday on patients Covid tests must have been a mistake.  The next 2 to 3 weeks are going to be a hellscape at clinics & hospitals.  I’m a little sad that Trump cancelled tomorrow’s super spreader event to try to kill the rest of the magats.

  4. Here in Kentucky I wouldn’t know what y’all are going through, lol.
    We do have a Dem governor, and I liked the way he handled everything in the beginning. But the GOP legislature fought him at every turn so, ya know.
    My daughter’s agency was closed over the holidays. She got an email from the personal cabinet before returning to work Monday warning of the Omicron variant and encouraging all employees to wash their hands. Now, I’m a big believer in good hygiene but there’s no way in hell we’re washing our way out of this.

  5. Oh, and let’s not forget the saga of the website for the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which left the Social Security numbers for thousands of teachers . . .  not exactly out in the open but at least embedded within the HTML coding. A reporter here alerted the agency to this and waited to publish a story about it until all the data had been removed. But instead of thanking the reporter for his services (although an FOIA request turned up a draft of such a letter), our illustrious chucklefuck of a governor characterized the reporter’s work as “hacking” on behalf of the Fake News Media in order to embarrass the state. No matter that the FBI has stated, as could any tween who knows what Ctrl-U means, that there was no hacking whatsoever; our little Trump from the Ozarks doubled down and had the Highway Patrol look into the matter and then refer the reporter to the county prosecutor with jurisdiction in Jeff City for charges. And that’s where the story stands at the moment, notwithstanding the big fat thumb that he’s attempting to put on the scales of justice by affirming that he believes that charges will end up being brought.

  6. My son (who is unvaxxed and has Covid because he’s a stubborn twit) has been coughing so hard he’s given himself a nosebleed, and thrown up multiple times. He finally had a video appointment with the clinic and got some decent cough meds, so I dropped those off on his doorstep this morning, along with groceries. We did the same for Almost-MiL and -BiL yesterday. My grandbaby is doing well, at least.

    I knew Covid sucked and I certainly knew I didn’t want to get it, but I’ve heard people with asthma and double pneumonia cough less and sound less ill than my son. He sounds absolutely awful and says he hasn’t been able to keep food down for two days because of the coughing fits. A-MiL is starting to get better, but she was nearly as bad a couple days ago.

    I don’t care who claims this is over, I’m wearing a mask for the next, oh, 5 years or so. The Universe itself could announce that it’s over and I wouldn’t believe them. I’m so glad the rest of us are vaxxed.

  7. I’d argue the statement “But covid, man. Totes done here. Thing of the past.” is incorrect because the U.S. never declared Covid was a thing! Our “lockdowns” were almost entirely voluntary, the government gave more benefits than I would have expected but still nowhere near what was needed and heavily tilted toward businesses, mask rules have been half-heartedly followed from the very beginning (and entirely useless anywhere food or drink is served) and as soon as Trump lost, vaccines became a political football and thus were always doomed as a strategy.

    Other countries have tried to battle Covid and some have succeeded while others have surrendered; the U.S. never joined the war.

    • I think the CDC travel classifications like “oh don’t go to Aruba, infection rates are super high!” are ridiculous. Come the fuck on, it’s not like most of US isn’t just as bad if not worse.

  8. Sometimes I feel crazy for self-imposing strict Covid protocols on our family. But then I read the news and I’m like “nah, everyone else is fucking crazy.” The family who visited us (and were complaining about our Covid rules) now have Covid. They are triple vaxxed and are not going to die. I have strong “I told you so!” feelings…maybe a bit of Schadenfreude but only because they are not in any danger.

  9. im running out of co workers and may end up with forced time off soon

    welp *shrugs*

    working alone most of the time and not using the cantine on my breaks is working out pretty well for me

    far as im aware ive never caught covid yet…im perfectly happy to keep it that way

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