Sweet Freedom!!! [NOT 18/2/21]

Hi friends! I left the house for the first time in 6 days today. I was out of a crucial resource (Diet Dr. Pepper) plus a few odds and ends. Nothing truly urgent, but we hadn’t had any snow today and it was a BALMY 25 degrees so time to go to the grocery store.

Y’all I bought donuts and fried chicken and I REGRET NOTHING. What’s funny is plenty of times in the last year I stayed home for 6 days no big deal but OMG SNOW and it’s like I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

When you’re finally free of weather-induced stuck at home, what is your typical place you go/things you do?



  1. No snow here, ever, but we do have hurricanes. And they do trap you at home for extended periods sometimes. As long as you don’t lose power it’s not so bad, but any time without AC in Florida is not … pleasant. Typically we’d head for someplace that had both AC and food, such as a restaurant.
    Normally a hurricane only lasts a few hours and stuff shuts down for just a couple of days max, but back in 2004? I think? We had three hurricanes in a row. So you’d just get the yard picked up and the power back on and here came another. Just leave the windows boarded up. So businesses just weren’t opening up at all for about two weeks. It was also my daughter’s second birthday and we couldn’t have a party and try explaining THAT to a two-year-old. 

  2. I used to go out for lunch and cocktails downtown, if I remember correctly? Work from home, pandemic isolation, these days maybe go out back with the dogs? We have 6 inches of snow topped with an inch of ice; even the dogs are not impressed. Glad you temporarily escaped captivity…

    • theres a not stuck stuck at home?
      i vaguely remember i used to be able to do shit after work
      in a previous life
      anyways…we are on a forever lockdown here with a 9pm curfew
      but if that ever stops…. what i miss most is just grabbing meself a table in the sun , ordering a beer…and people watching for an hour or two after work

  3. I managed to walk the pooch two days in a row. I used my Yak Trax and they definitely helped. But damn, trudging through the snow is hard work! And she was so excited after having been cooped up that she pulled more than normal. So the hip on my right, leash side, is sore. But she’s a sweet girl and needs the exercise. I’m not complaining, I signed on for this when I got a big moose of a dog. Weather is supposed to be in the 40’s next week so I plan to meet up with my dog park buddy for a walk. 

  4. I’m still thinking about donuts and fried chicken and Diet Dr Pepper.  I’m finding it a little tough to get past that nugget of information.
    Anyway, there’s an inch of ice on everything outside and I figure my electric or my TV will go out any minute now.  The only time I went outside today was to break the ice off one of my heat pumps that for some reason was completely iced over.  The other one was fine for some reason.  Don’t get it.

    • Yeah I admit I basically inhaled the fried chicken and then a few minutes later the donuts. It was a delightful 20 minutes.

      I had asked for white meat from the deli clerk. I prefer thighs but sometimes they’re really small. Well, the kid clearly doesn’t know his cuts of fried chicken because definitely got thighs!

  5. I can’t wait to go to a beer festival again & try tons of beers in one place.  To even just have my beer club meet again would be amazing.  Last weekend we actually had dinner in an indoor restaurant w/ live music which felt sooooo great but being spaced & limited mingling was weird.  I see a light though as more of us are getting vaccinated.  

    • I just want to go sit in a bar with a couple of friends, and not worry about spacing, or if my mask is clean enough, or what the other people in the place have touched……

    • Most of the restaurants near me have decent patio seating so I’m basically counting the days until late March when we can sit outside in the breeze and enjoy company at reasonable spaces. 

  6. Out… side? What… what is that?? 
    I kid, I kid. But yeah, the temp has been in negative numbers for so long, I have forgotten what being warm feels like. We do have heat (and power!), but this is an old and drafty house. Today was a blissful, balmy 21 degrees and I’m very glad of it. I had pool therapy today and I was NOT looking forward to having to go outside with wet hair. 
    My usual escape is just going for a walk, but that’s been off the table for months (stupid, useless, broken body) and man, do I miss it. Of course, I also miss being able to go to the bar and get a drink and indulge in the other kind of pool therapy (the kind that involves a green table and a cue and beating the pants off smug guys who think they can win easily because I’m a giiiiirl.) THAT is what I’m looking forward to the most.

  7. I’m looking forward to having dog parties again -cooking out with friends while the puppers play. And going to patio bars with the same bunch of folks and fur pals. The group is all about our dogs. 

  8. I’m jelly. I’ve been craving doughnuts for the past week. My only opportunity to buy some is on the weekends. But we had a snow storm this weekend and the city pretty much shut down. I’m gonna eat four on Saturday to make up for it.

  9. I’m having everyone from Deadsplinter over for dinner, lots of wine, and a sleepover. I have it all planned out. You will meet the elusive Better Half and the super-friendly Ravenous Hound. Day of I will tell Better Half that we are all related and it is a family reunion. I come from a large family and we have reunions quite often and he can never keep anyone straight so you’re all my first or second cousins. For dinner I’ll make one of my strange FYCE posts. Beef Wellington for 20? I’VE DONE IT BEFORE! It will be BYOB so if you abstain from wine the drinks are on you. I hope you don’t mind close quarters. We have a guest room which has been converted into a home gym but once the pandemic is over I’m going to have the Better Half have someone come in and dismantle everything and return it to its previous state. Women can go in there. The men can camp out in our living room, which is quite spacious and has a large flatscreen where they can watch sprots, if they want. If kids are brought along they can be sprinkled around. Two or three can camp with us in the bedroom in sleeping bags; that’s what I do with visiting relatives. I hope they don’t have allergies because the Loyal Beast sleeps in the bedroom too, and they will be sharing space with him. And I can offer up the home office as a temporary camp but it’s the Hoarder’s Room so they’ll have to watch out for the occasional strange book I picked up from God knows where that might be jarred loose by the rumble of the subway line that runs under our street (it has happened more than once.)
    See you all in 2023, or maybe 2024.

  10. I would like to go to a sheep and wool festival, maybe dust off the camper and head for Rhinebeck. I haven’t bought any yarn for over a year and I’m getting a little twitchy about it even though the stash is fairly deep, say at least 10 sweaters worth, on top of the 7 finished and WIP sweaters from 2020. Either on the way or on the way back I would go to Fabric Basement because I hoard fabric as well, and H Mart, oh H Mart has been on my list forever as a destination.
    Well, crap, I was kind of feeling smug about being content to be home, lies, all lies.

      • No, have you? I have a sweater that has a tiny bit of yak in it and it is crazy warm. I imagine quiviut is similar. The whole concept of collecting, combing, and spinning the shed musk oxen fibers is fascinating. I have an idea of someday making my own knitting needles and knitting a gansey but spinning enough yarn to actually make something is a daunting task.  

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