Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Crunchwrap

I don’t know how many Taco Bell fans we have here, but personally, I think the crunchwrap is a brilliant invention. Taco Bell is great fast food for vegetarians, because

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Black bean brownies

Black bean brownies were a trendy thing a few years back, and I tried several recipes, most of which were not great. The flavor was usually pretty good, never bean-like,

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Black Bean Cornbread Bake

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I briefly used one of those meal kit services, which provided some interesting recipes that have remained in my repertoire. This recipe is from

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Odd Beans

This recipe comes from a church fellowship cookbook, and was categorized as baked beans. While technically they are baked, and are tasty, they are not classic baked beans. So I

Food You Can Eat

Rice and Beans Two Ways

Rice and beans are a staple in my house, like they are in many houses around the world. Most of the time, it’s a matter of throwing everything in the

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Honolulu Skillet Beans

This is a quick and easy one pan dinner from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home I tinkered with it a bit, adding the peppers for color, subbing dried orange peel