A Simple Impeachment Proposal

Apologies for the timing, as I would never want to be the one to step on DSU!AN’s song, but humor me for a mo. As a noted political consulting genius,


C U Next Tuesday: Why Your Senator Sucks

Welcome to this week’s installment of C U Next Tuesday, where I pull shreds of toilet paper out of humanity’s ass crack, mold them into human beings, perform a spell


House Impeaches Biff

This evening, for the third time in the United States’ history, a sitting President has been impeached. Biff Tannen, esq, joins the ignominious likes of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton


This Week in Impeachment

John Bolton on the schedule (but will he show up?) and more! What happened last week, what’s happening this week, have we been dead the whole time? Since Splinter isn’t