Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Basque Pintxos

The Basque area of Spain is in the northeast corner. It straddles the Pyrenees and also encompasses the chunk of France around Biarritz and Pau, south of Bordeaux. The Basque

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Piperrada with Eggs and Serrano Ham

Piperrada (or piperade, in French) is a Basque dish of onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and flavored with an Espelette pepper (piper is the word for pepper in Basque and in

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Stuffed Green Peppers

Picture it: it is the 1970s in a small American village. You are a stay-at-home Mom whose parents emigrated from southern Italy. Your husband’s parents emigrated from Sicily. You both