Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Hasselback Potatoes

These Hasselback Potatoes were a hassle, rather irritating and inconvenient to make. Don’t get me wrong – they were tasty, just not tasty enough to devote that much effort to

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Two Uses For Kale

I am not a fan of kale. You chew, and chew and chew and chew, and regret your life’s choices. Nonetheless, it is a superfood, chock full of all sorts

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: Salt and Vinegar Potatoes

There are a gazillion versions of this recipe, but I adapted this from the Food Network – it gives the most salt and vinegar taste. Don’t be fooled by recipes

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat: David Niven’s “Jansson’s Temptation”

This was copied verbatim from one of my favorite websites, Silver Screen Suppers (, and she (the author of the site) got it from somewhere. I CANNOT recommend this website