Take it easy today… [DOT 3/7/22] 

FFS – Police fired more than 90 shots…

As protests continue over Jayland Walker’s death, police body cam footage will be released Sunday

Sheets must have been at the dry cleaners…

White supremacist group Patriot Front marches through downtown Boston with fascist flags

Whoopsie Minnesota GOP…

Minnesota lawmakers voted to legalize THC edibles. Some did it accidentally

Ukraine continues to fight the proxy war for the West…

Ukraine and Russia both claim control over Lysychansk


Aujourd’hui c’est le Jour 3 du Tour de France

Are you there Aliens? It’s me, Earth…

The Webb telescope just took the deepest photo of the universe ever

Seals – they’re just like dogs! or at least my dogs who like to walk all in whatever I’m sweeping or mopping…

Speaking of dogs…

Finally, a useful weighted blanket…


Obligatory turtle content…

Please take care of yourselves, things are probably going to get crazier.



  1. Here’s something I thought was really fun: scanned images from the New York Public Library’s menu collection.

    I viewed this on my monitor and if you look down to the right you get interior pages you can click on. Unfortunately the NYPL doesn’t do precise dating for most of them, but judging by the prices and the typography you can kind of guess when they’re from. There’s one for Le Pavillon, one of New York’s most celebrated restaurants, and they give the date issued as any time during the life of the restaurant, but I personally would put it in the 1950s.

    • Those are amazing. I’m guessing for the most part the food was not.

      I’m sure there were exceptions — the meat was probably much less engineered than today, but outside of better steakhouses I bet it was cooked to death.

      It’s interesting to me that the Marcus Garvey menu is so mainstream. It’s not any farther out than the menu celebrating Booker T. Washington’s Tuskegee.

  2. I had forgotten that Newsweek is now owned by a Korean Evangelical cult, and here they are reporting on another arm of the cult, the Trump University-like academic grift/criminal enterprise known as Olivet University:


    I wonder if Tina Brown, who edited Newsweek for a few months a decade ago (pre-Korean Evangelical cult), still keeps that gig on her resume. Although as someone who’s still gainfully employed doing all kinds of things and hasn’t had to produce a resume in over 30 years, I will guess that she probably doesn’t have a resume either.


      • Hadn’t heard that. I suspect he won’t simply to try to immunize himself against prosecution. There are typically a bunch of laws that pre-exonerate cops (there are in Florida and I’m willing to bet Texas is worse), plus he’s going to need the union to handle his legal bills.

        Resigning would suggest he has a conscience, and I really don’t associate that with someone who listened to children being murdered for over an hour and didn’t even try the doorknob.

  3. I’m worried about my hummingbirds.

    Last year I had at least 3 birbs flitting around my feeder. I say at least 3 because I routinely saw a female birb and I’d see two male birbs posture over it. So there may be more than one female birb getting snaccs but since I didn’t see them at the same time, can’t conclude.

    This year all I have seen for several weeks is a female birb. She looks well-fed and healthy for a birb, but I’m just worried that she seems to be the only snacker I’ve spotted.

    • I wouldn’t be worried, they’re probably just shunning you.

      But seriously, those little suckers fly crazy distances at crazy speeds and your feeder is probably 0.1% of their territory. Odds are a mean hummingbird has a nest fifty yards away and is fighting for sole access to your feeder, or some neighbor 150 yards the other way has a good patch of flowers and it’s not worth the bother to go your way.

  4. That poor man was shot over 60 times. Sixty times.

    I just. How is that not an execution? How many coppers were happily playing murder the black dude? Did they forget theit white sheets at home?

  5. tomorow could be interesting here….the farmers say they are going to shut down the country…. a threat the country is taking seriously…coz they just fucking might pull it off

    but shutting down roads is one thing….just gotta deal with our regular fairly friendly police there

    the airports are something else entirely tho…. military police runs that show…. they dont de-escalate….they end things

    and as such have already deployed the apcs

    as said….could be interesting tomorow


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