Take Out? [NOT 9/7/22]

As someone who spent a couple of hours this afternoon adding racking to his garage and is now too damn lazy to do much else except laundry, I am currently mulling over takeout…

Are you like some of my married friends and have to go to chain restaurants because that’s what their kids prefer?

Do you prefer the greasy hole in the wall places that no one outside of the locals know about? I have a number… ranging from burritos to Shwarma to Korea Noodles to Portuguese roast chicken to homemade burgers which is one of the benefits to living in one of the most multicultural places on earth.

Are you just reach for the phone and dial 967-11-11 (pizza for those not familiar with Canada’s not so good Pizza Pizza chain) person?

Or like me, whatever suits his food mood?

Tonight I’m thinking Asian, but maybe Chinese take out or Indian… but I haven’t had Pizza in a while… choices choices choices… I’m going to spin the wheel of menus and see what sticks.

Tonight’s NOT brought to you by my stomach and my laziness.



  1. I try to NEVER do chains and brought my kids up that way too.  Lots of good Asian & Mexican places near me and we are frequent diners at a Hawaiian food dive.  Teriyaki places are on every corner in WA so that is a good option.  Funny thing is most are run by Koreans & they offer Chinese food too but not much Korean.  I love Korean food but around here it is mostly sit down and pricey.  In Hawaii, Korean takeout was my thing.  You get a meat choice or two with anywhere from 3 to 5 veggie sides and 2 scoops of rice.  Usually enough food for several meals!

  2. There’s a pan-Asian place we get takeout from pretty regularly that has its entrance on an alley, run by a Taiwanese American guy and an Ethiopian American guy, that absolutely rocks. It’s not really authentic to anywhere but it’s closest to Korean, which makes no sense, but who cares?

    • When I was in school there was a place my sister introduced me to where you basically had a choice between char siu or roast duck hanging in the window, rice or noodles, greens or no greens, and dumplings. It was the kind of place where if you showed up around 3 pm the staff was all sitting at tables with a soft drink rolling dumplings. OMG.

  3. I like fried foods for take-out because I hate deep frying at home. It makes a mess and stinks up the kitchen.  Fish and chips, clam strips, egg rolls. Monday starts Burger Week here so I will be eating a lot of fancy burgers this week.

    • funny story…drunk and pilled up me found a way to kill a nokia 3310

      turns out you cant deep fry them

      (it jumped out of my pocket i swear)

      it also killed the fryer as it was not going to go down alone

      tough little phones those nokias

      after killing the phone and the fryer i apparently spent the night arguing in two languages with myself

      amazing i didnt end up in the hospital from that little episode….fairly sure i od’d on all the things

  4. I opted for a Channa/Aloo (Chickpeas and Potato) Roti Trinidadian style (as a wrap) from the local shop.

    Once in a while I go meatless so this is a great veg option.

    My coworkers are surprised I’m familiar with Indian (in this case, Caribbean) cuisine and my mom is horrified I like Indian food. She’s old school Korean that way.

  5. Depends on the speed. I live super close to a pizza place so often their lunch special wins.

    There’s a decent Mexican place nearby that does really good takeout. If I want a farther drive, I’ll get Indian takeout – either palak paneer, dal makhani, or something else with chickpeas.

    Most of the time I’m so fucking indecisive that I just go look at the grab and go premade meal options or hot bar at the grocery store.

  6. There is an NGO in town that has been helping refugees resettle for 50 years. As a result we have many more ethnic food options and small groceries than a town this size would otherwise offer. Soul food, Asian of all types, from Vietnamese to Indian, African, Mexican, German, and a really banging Tridadian restaurant.

  7. Living in Minneapolis, because of all the immigrants who’ve come here since the 70’s, we have an absolute wealth of excellent takeout!

    My go-to’s would have to be either French (the Escargot, and the Mussels in Cream Sauce are AMAZING & some of my all-time faves–as is the Bouchee a la Reine (basically, a really fancy Chicken-pot-pie!😉😁💖

    And if not French, than ANY of the amazing Asian takeout!!💖💞💝💫

    Whether it’s Korean, Thai, Japanese, various regions of Chinese, Hmong, Indian, or further West–Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean fare like NY gyro-central-ave-ne (which has both Chicken & goat, or chicken & gyro meat🤤🤤🤤


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