Takin’ It Easy [DOT 9/4/21]

Shout out to all the parents who have been entertaining kids this whole past year. We took the kids down to the National Mall (not a pair of khakis to be purchased, dang) and walked them around for 12,000 steps.

They just loved it (not). It’s only their 4th or 5th time here; we are running out of new things to show them. And with everything being closed at the moment, it presents a bit more of a challenge. Even the Zoo, which is 95% outside, is closed.

The cherry blossoms blew away last week, which seems about right.

After living the DMV area for about 20 years, I did finally go to Dumbarton Oaks within the last 2 or so years. It is an excellent hidden gem!

Have a great weekend!


Shooting at Texas cabinet company leaves one dead and five injured


Five dead in S.C. shooting committed by ex-NFL player Phillip Adams, who then killed himself, authorities say


Futures rise after S&P 500 hits fresh record

Thinking back to the attack on Comet Ping Pong Pizza and being reminded that everything is projection with these guys.

This poor guy, again.

Gaetz associate likely to strike plea deal with prosecutors in sex-trafficking case

Curious to see how they get people to send these back, if they already have them.

Lil Nas X Satan Shoes will be recalled as part of settlement with Nike

America’s Azz

Have a great Friday!



  1. Re the Philip Adams shooting. It is hard not to blame football and repeated concussions but that doesn’t explain the shootings that happen every single day. I am not a football fan but it took the movie Concussion to elevate that to dislike, s/b banned status. And I’m ignoring the whole exploitation/plantation corollary. 

    • …it’s not entirely unexpected given his health of late but for now it seems we’re in the “if you can’t say something nice…” part of the process…I wonder how long it’ll be before that swings the other way?

      …no doubt the man had an extraordinary life…but he did manage to put his foot in his mouth from time to time

      • People I couldn’t care less about [ but 99 holy crap do we really want to live to be that old?]:
        Royal families

        • eeeh…well..if i was healthy and living on a budget like the royals…fuck yes i’d want to live to be that old
          but..as thats not likely to happen i really think it would be best if people could stop being selfish and living forever on their pensions
          just take 10- 15 years of retirement and then call it a day eh?
          pensions were never intended to last 40 years…
          old people are going to bring down the system….lol…. least punk revolution evar
          30 years from now when im sposed to retire we’ll see whats there …if anything

            • perks of being a dirty commie 🙂

            • Right??? I’m probably going to work until I die. MURRICA! 

      • The obits don’t overlook his “surprising candor.” I collect Prince Philip-isms where I can. One of my favorites is when he asked a Scottish driving instructor, “How do you keep them sober long enough to pass the test?” He is (was) the Duke of Edinburgh.
        Just this morning I read one that was new to me: Upon meeting a high-level Nigerian, possibly who was royal himself, who was wearing traditional Nigerian attire, Philip remarked, “You look like you’re ready for bed.”

        • This reminds me that I wish “The Crown” would throw a few more of those in. 

        • Surprising candor, that’s hilarious. More like, i’mfuckingoldisaywhatiwant.

          • Yeah, apparently among Polite Society casual racism is  called “candor.”

          • I believe this obituary came from a British source, which has probably had it on standby for at least a decade. The British press are famous for their “read between the lines” euphemisms. There’s a famous way that they describe being obnoxiously drunk: “tired and emotional.” The satire magazine “Private Eye” came up with that one decades ago.

        • I hope that Nigerian countered with, “You look like you died six years ago and everyone forgot to tell you.”

          • Philip had been doing stuff like this for many decades. He might have been in his 30s when he said this. 

      • I actually watched a clip announcing his death on msnbc that was a rambling mess, and in the two minutes, they managed to say something about how he was infamous for “racially insensitive” comments (come on media, you mean racist so just say racist). But they managed to make it sound like it was a cute quirk? Ugh… Just don’t say anything about it if otherwise you’re going to pretend it’s cute.

      • Foot…
        Became an entire damn human-ouroboros…

    • I read about this POS and get pissed off about Al Franken all over again.  

      • Folks have mentioned Al, but TBH, as a Minnesotan, I’m FINE with the fact that he resigned when he did.
        We ended up with both Kamala Harris AND Cory Booker on Judiciary after Al.
        And BECAUSE he resigned when he did, MN was able to keep Amy’s seat blue (she was up for election that year), we also still have Tina in the other seat, AND we swept *all* the statewide seats (Governor/LG, Auditor, SOS, AG, etc.)…
        The R’s would most likely have taken one–probably even MANY of those seats, had he not stepped down so quickly…
        YES it sucks that we lost him!!!
        But him doing the right thing & resigning when & how he did (he asked then-Gov Dayton to appoint a woman to his seat!), gave us *two* woman senators, and SO much more💞

        • Yeah, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been worse off for losing him, but the opposite really. Arguably he didn’t commit a resign-worthy offense, but honestly I’m all for less white men in the senate. Tina seems to be doing great.
          My husband and I were actually joking about that the other night. Like let’s just ban white men from being in congress and see where we end up. Sure, shitty white women would take up the mantle on the Republican side, but on the whole we’d have to come out ahead. The Democrats would definitely improve anyway – no more Manchins gumming up the works. (Obviously that would be biased and I would never seriously propose that, but like…) 

  2. Having no citizen or commonwealth residency stake in the monarchy, I do feel sad for the Queen’s loss, married for 73 years…and I also feel sad that as I grow older, fewer and fewer people who have always been around remain. It is true of my family, among friends and acquaintances, and newsworthy figures. There is comfort in consistency, and the death of Prince Philip somehow feels personal.  

    • Excellently put, Ellicoo! I am dreading the day Jimmy Carter passes to the next plane of existence. I think I will have to be tranquilized.

      • I’m with you, @Lymond. I have no feeling of connection to the British royals, but Carter’s passing will be a tough one for me. 

      • I feel the same way about Carter. What a great man.

        • If only history hadn’t conspired against him.  Can you imagine how different this country would be if he’d been reelected in 1980 and Reagan had gone off to his senile end?

          • I think the planet would definitely be in better shape.

    • I feel the same way. I was oddly moved and saddened by this news. Did you know he was the oldest living British male royal ever? (The Queen Mother made it to 101.) Everyone assumes Queen Victoria lived to be 130 or something but she died at 81. 
      This is a very frivolous corollary but with Dawn Wells’s death (she played Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island”) a few months ago at 82, there’s only one surviving cast member: Tina Louise/Ginger, who’s 87. How can this possibly be? 

      • Also frivolous and melancholy but occasionally I remember (usually when I’m listening to Muzak on an elevator or whatever) that there’s only one BeeGee left, Barry. His brothers are all gone. I think it bothers me because I have four siblings (all alive) and I wonder what it would be like to be the last of us. 

        • What’s worse?  There aren’t any original Ramones left.

    • She’s also a cautionary tale that when your son and grandson want to marry someone who doesn’t fit the preapproved mold, you should back them and tell the gossips and uptight people to get lost. Choosing Piers Morgan and Rupert Murdoch over your own family never works out.

    • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Gino!!!!

  3. You know I can totally understand Matt Gaetz’s bravado/confusion that people are actually upset about the allegations against him. His idol literally did whatever he wanted to women and hung out with Epstein and yet errybody is like oh no big deal. 

    Goddamn I hope he has a trail that implicates Trump somehow. Someone needs to go back through all the photos with Epstein and look for that fivehead buffoon. 

    • I knoooow. With the evidence mounting, and talks of plea deals, I so hope he drags some high profile people down with him. I think trump is unlikely though. 

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