…talking the talk [DOT 28/1/20]

…seriously…joking aside…fuck these clowns

…after a through perusal of “all the relevant” historical sources the great & mighty Alan Dershowitz (self-described objective academic & well-known partisan hack) actually had the audacity to argue on.the.floor.of.the.fucking.Senate no less that the concept of impeachment was never intended to cover such “non-criminal” acts as obstruction.of.justice or abuse.of.executive.power because these assholes live & breathe willful & hate-fueled stupidity as a lifestyle choice

…this isn’t a joke, despite the fact that the people perpetrating it are as insipid a collection of pallid popinjays as one might hope to find outside of the dumbest frat on campus

…& they’re back on that Biden/Burisma smokescreen shit, because of course they are


…while that ever important faction of <4 makes all the appropriate noises about the latest repetition of the fact that…if we know anything about this at this point


…so it would be unseemly to actually acknowledge that…that might unduly influence the election on account of even their base might have a hard time maintaining that level of cognitive dissonance

…of course some people have made a career out of exactly that


…so I guess the best we can realistically hope for is that when more & more of the stuff they’re trying so desperately to forestall comes out that their hometown voters actually make them count the cost for their absolute dereliction of the duties enshrined in their oaths of office

…but who knows…stranger things have happened?




  1. I’m telling you, Trump’s going to get impeached at least twice. And it’s going to be hilarious next time around, when his legal team tries to whip out some kind of “double jeopardy” bullshit to defend new crimes.

  2. My 2 new favorite band names – The Pallid Poppinjays and Dumbest Frat on Campus.

    The GOP is trying to clinton Joe Biden. But it’s not as easy pulling that trick the second time around. Biden, as a white man, is allowed to get angry defending himself. And can make stupid statements that won’t end up on t shirts sold at trump rallies. And as your final link shows Biff may have targeted the wrong enemy!

  3. Isn’t it awesome that we got to be there for the first ever Emperor for the US, never saw it coming growing up. It’s just like Star Wars but dumber , with no powers and some how more evil.

    • I used to go to a lot of community organizing events and they often referred to this admin as The Empire even in it’s very first days. I thought it was hyperbole!

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