Tasks You Enjoy [NOT 16/8/22]

Hi, friends!

How did your day go?

I spent almost the entire day writing a training guide for part of my job. Complete with screenshots, explanations, example links, color-coding for when the user needs to do a specific task, etc etc.

I love doing process flow documents, writing reference guides, and making training documents.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of getting a “training materials” shitshow at work where you’re like huh this is so old the screenshots don’t match the application. Or everyone it says to work with no longer works there. Or just simply the instructions don’t make sense with how a person goes through the process.

But most of my coworkers would rather go to the dentist than write documentation, which boggles my mind but also everyone has different skills. Except the dipshits I have to work with sometimes. I don’t think they have any functional skills.

Is there a particular part of your job that you enjoy more than other tasks?



  1. When I worked as an engineer, most of my days were fun.  I love the mental challenge of solving problems.  Software, hardware, tech support or documentation. Doesn’t matter.

    I’m a helper monkey personality type so this fits what I enjoy.

    As a production grunt… well, the work is a LOT less intellectually satisfying.  More the leadership challenges when I’m a team lead. Knowing my team hit their production targets and did their jobs gives me satisfaction.  All the usual management headaches and bullshit don’t phase me (especially the kind of shit I’ve been through) but it is sad/annoying to see others freak out or make things worse (infuriating when you know that person is an ambitious shithead who wants the “perks” of the job and not the actual responsibility of the job.)

  2. Just spent the last three hours scouring/actual cleaning (not man cleaning) my house for visitors.  WHOOO.  I’m actually happy to have visitors and because it is for happy reasons.

    The last ones I had for the past two years were my then dying friend and a friend who came for my now dead friend’s funeral.

  3. The best part of my job is I get to do it from home 90% of the time. Other than that, I seem to have a knack for finding broken shit in the system. I don’t always have the chops to fix it because I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years, but my boss appreciates that I find this stuff so that’s good enough for me.

  4. I work construction with my uncle, most of the things we do is pretty cool, and I like it when I know exactly when I need to do and I don’t have to ask questions (even though I am a bit older, I haven’t been doing full blown contracting for very long, having started off in a wood shop).

    • I’ve been doing a bunch of construction jobs on the side in the last few years & love when the home owner is blown away by the transformation.  Tile is fun, flooring is hard on the back but rewarding.  Demolition is therapy.

  5. I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but I tend to prefer translating (which is written) over interpreting (which is spoken). Even if it’s just mocking up a dumb little version in English of something like the Chilean divorce certificate that I just got today, it’s one more thing that I can do while shutting up for a while. Of course, if I have to do, say, a dozen of those damn things in, say, a week or less, then that’s where the issues start. . . .

  6. i like hunting down squeeks and rattles…

    things that dont make noise shouldn’t make noise goddamnit


    theres probably a reason i ended up as final qc at work…..

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