Technical Difficulties [Updated]

Please Stand By

There are problems with the server right now so the DOT isn’t here. Not sure when we can clear things up so carry on

Other things are happening as well so if you are experiencing difficulties in logging in or scrolling, please clear your browser cache.

email if you cannot login.

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  1. I knew things were lagging a bit, but please know everyone of us appreciates all of the work in the background. We are pickaxe, sledgehammer and chainsaw people. We can deal.

  2. FUCK UNITED AIRLINES. My connection out of Chicago was also canceled because the fucking plane wasn’t mechanically sound, just like the plane this morning. So now, I get to land in Milwaukee after fucking 6. I was supposed to be in Madison at 10:30. Fuck this shitty company and their complete inability to properly maintain their fucking fleet. There is nothing these assholes can offer me to make me want to put my life in their hands ever again.

  3. Do we have new technical difficulties expected?

    Or was the technical difficulties that this post is now showing? Has it become sentient and wants us to know its feelings?

    Only time will tell.

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