Teeny Serotonin Boosts [NOT 1/5/23]

Hi, friends!

Mondays suck typically. Let’s talk about good things.

Do you have small things that bring you an inordinate amount of satisfaction or pleasure? Part and parcel of my goal over the last few years to buy less shit that I don’t need means that when I finish off something that has been lingering around or that I don’t need to replace, oooohhhhh yay boost of serotonin!

Over the last few days, I managed to finish off a loose leaf tea that was okay but not great, a jar of boring picante sauce a friend left at the house a while back, and 3 different skincare products. One of which was a vitamin c serum I hated with ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is great with vitamin c, it’s just that it smells like hot dog water and ugh that’s been horrible to use for the last few months. I know this reads like the dumbest shit to be happy about, but what can I say, I live a boring life. 🙂



  1. Hitting the water in my kayak.  On Friday I went kayaking for the first time in a long time.  I live so close to the water I need to do it more often.  It was a little windy but nobody else on the water other than my wife, a bunch of seals and a big sea lion.  I followed the sea lion for about a mile or so to see if I could track him without disturbing him, gave him lots of space.  He was unfazed and definitely on a mission to get somewhere.  Great therapy to just hear the ocean, birds and the cool breeze.

  2. I agree with butcher and Ellie, my dog brings me so much joy. She’s such a loving goofball. But I also bought three new Switch games today for the extra lift.

  3. Cooking is often one for me–unless I’m too tired/stressed to cook… then it’s hearing about really great cookbooks, and learning the stories of the people behind them…


    On a sad note, the reason I heard about this one today, is because the lovely woman behind it passed away recently;


    But her interview on All Things Considered, from when the book came out last year is SO GOOD! I caught it, because they re-played it today, and I’d DEFINITELY recommend it to all of y’all–because I KNOW we’ve got a ton of folks here who *adore* great food and great stories;


    The transcribed version of it is here–personally, I’d recommend listening *then* reading (the written one has recipes!)…


    As someone who’s known about the Gullah Geechee (and similarly, but *unrelated,* Gee’s Bend!), for a couple decades now, because of their quilting traditions & history, Ms Meggett’s story & cookbook were *instantly* ones I wanted to know about–as soon as she was mentioned as I was driving home tonight.

    The world lost a GREAT person, on Friday, April 21st!

    But, as someone who grew up sewing & crafting–from my toddlerhood (the first times I *tried* embroidery, I was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old–i wanted to learn, because my mom brought me with when she “sewed with the girls” as I called them–the older, retired women, in her church mission-circle. Many of those women embroidered items for the layettes they made to send off to the catholic missions they sewed for, and because I saw them sewing, I wanted to learn, too.)

    Emily Meggett’s comment in the interview about, “A lot of times, we has a treasure in our head,”… “And we will die and go to heaven, and take that treasury with us. And why can’t we just share it with somebody else here? I’ll get more out of that, to share it,” really resonated, as that former toddler–because like her cooking knowledge, my *sewing* skills–that “Treasure” she mentions?

    Those were passed *down* to me, from literal *generations* of the women who came before me–and like her, I *do* try to share that knowledge with anyone & everyone who wants it–freely–because if it’s *not* shared, and taught to those young ones coming up *behind* us?

    They’ll just die out.

    knew about the Gullah Quilts & Baskets *years* ago. But I am SO getting a copy of Ms. Meggett’s cookbook, as soon as I can, too!

    Some additional links, on the Gullah Geechee people, and Gullah Quilts & the Story Quilts;






  4. I was just thinking how I hadn’t seen a fox for a few weeks, only heard them, when one just ran in front of me and my dog while we were on our evening walk.

    It’s always fun seeing one of the little doggos, although our dog gets far more excited than I do.

  5. i have my music..which i can find whilst sitting or lying down…which is good coz thats about all i have the energy for after work

    14 hour work days on on average less than 5 hours of sleep is straight up brutal on my physical and mental health

    going to have to start refusing the overtime soon as going to bed early is never going to happen

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